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  1. THX THX THX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, how did you get the patch to work? When I click on info an patch buttons nothing happens. Can you give me some help on this please?


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  3. Sorry but my antivirus detects a virus in the patch lumion pro 5 !!! and ‘a virus or not?


    • Hi, I can’t get it to work either. Have tried many times. If you find the answer to problem will you let me know please? I will do likewise for you if I find it.


  4. thanks a lot for?.. Superrrr!
    ???? ???? ?????? ????? ???? … ????…. ????

  5. the patch runs on windows 7 64bit?
    when I run the patch put me: The version of this file is not supported version of With The Windows (Windows 7 64-bit) That is running.
    sorry for my English

  6. I dont know why, but my Lumion 5 didn`t work. When I try to open comes a message: Shader model 3 was not detected to work on this graphics card. Lumion needs at minimum a shader model 3 capable graphics card. I have 2 gtx 760 in sli. I tryed to disable sli to see if it works, but not. What should I do?! I dont have other version of lumion in this pc cause I formated and my card drivers are updated. HELP PLZ

    • Hi, how did you get the patch to work? I have tried many times but info and patch buttons don’t work.

    • Hi, how did you get the patch to work? Info and patch buttons are not working for me.

  7. hola a todos cuando ejecuto el pacht en donde le doy click para que se parche el programa si alguien sabe favor de ayudarme

  8. hi all when I run the pacht where I click for the program patch if anyone knows please help me
    as I do to patch it

    • the patch isnt working, any step by step instructions would greatly help.

  9. Hi guys!!

    I can’t install it.
    The patch runs with some kind of error and i can’t click on it.
    How can i install this patch? Or maybe some kind of crack?

    Help, please!

  10. While Closing Lumion ask for releasing licence Via Internet. Who to solve this problem as my internet is always ON.

  11. When closing , the lumion shows the following message: ” failed to release the license trying again .”
    This is happening to you? Interestingly, if I open it again , it works perfectly . I’m afraid to go working and suddenly it stops working .
    Either way is working just fine , just showing this error message . Jomar , Brazil
    Google translator

  12. Hello.

    Could You re-upload files in same 6 parts but You can change name of file .rar to avoid delete of files.

    Please re-upload also patch.


  13. Hi, Lumion 5 pro works ok…. get by torrent on peers…. anyone knows when lumion 5.3 is OK for download, with “crack”?

    it seems to be a very good improvement of pro 5.0

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