15 comments on “LUXION Keyshot Pro/Animation/VR v5.1.66 (Mac OS X)

  1. It’s the replacement binary executable that needs to be fixed. It’s showing up as a text file, not a Unix executable, and it has a small resource fork, which it shouldn’t have. Hence, it won’t launch. Sloppy file prep.

  2. Before to replace the cracked binary it needs to be updated to unix executable;
    open terminal and write:
    chmod 777 (insert a space after 777) drag binary file into terminal window and hit return; if operation is correct the binary file icon will turn to black.

    • It works perfectly, thank you Mr. Spock

      Guys I recommend that you follow those instructions they worked for me

    • Thank you very much for your MINI-TUTORIAL, everything is working. You rock !

  3. Managed to turn text file into an executable, but when i browse and select my lic.file it still does not work.
    Any suggestions before i totally forget about.Tried for 3 days now with no joy.

  4. All sorted, up and running.
    Terminal, chmod +x drag and drop file.

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