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9 comments on “Vue xStream 2014.5 VC100 + Infinite RenderCow Portable


  2. Hello, first, obviously thank you for this :)
    Now, a question, the release seems to need a license server. Did I forget to install something or is it something I need to get separately ?

  3. You guys want to know something really strange… I haven’t been to persia for some weeks maybe even months now. I came here to see if this was here and it was… second post from the top… pretty darn weird if you ask me… synchronicity. I somehow just *knew* it would be here :D

  4. How to make it work? I followed every step and activation was sucessful as well. When I open Vue it says no license server found on this network.

    Also where is VC_90 setup(Rendercow)?


    • At first I got this problem too.I followed the rules, the screen continued poping asking for activation (patch was working)
      I uninstalled and installed again and it worked perfectly.

      I think the patch does something with the reg. file after it patches, but vue can only read this reg file if it is installed afterwards. (I think, just guessing here)
      Good luck there…

  5. I can’t find this part, do you where it’s located?

    Install Update: Vue 2014 Build 12002349 Release 12108


  6. 1.uninstall all versions
    2.delete all files in program files, prog data, app data roaming and my docs
    3.Disconnect internet(do not disable network adapters, just pullout net cable)
    4.Disable firewall, sandbox etc
    5.install vue(administrative right), do not run vue
    6.install render cow(administrative right), do not run rendercow
    7.install update patch(administrative right), do not run vue or rendercow
    8.Run Patch(administrative right)-(should say VC90 not found, VC100 patched, RC

    9.Run vue(administrative right), asks for license node, try get license once

    (net disconnected), says – unable to retrieve license. close
    10. uninstall vue, rendercow
    11.repete step 5,6,7,8
    12.Run Vue(administrative right) – should work 100%

    • Step 2. Small correction – delete all ‘e-on’ files in………………. (Kindly do not delete all files in program files, prog data, app data roaming and my docs or you may have to re-install windows :-/)

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