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      • This is from the chaosgroup release note and not about the crack, but I think MSI wrote on the forum that 2017 crack will follow.

        • hi buddy, any idea about when they will release this for Max 2017?
          I have Max 2017, so I cannot use this release.

  1. This version doesn’t work on 3ds max 2014, some help how to install ? I get an error during the installation (even as admin) :(

    thanks in advance

  2. For people having issues try following this posted in forum

    Thankyou conurfeith I have posted this method on previous releases and have been called an idiot for installing vray 2015 into max 2016.

    The exact process is as follows

    1) run the vray 2015 installer. It will say max 2015 cannot be found.
    2) click the customise button. at the bottom of the screen that then appears there should be four dialogs for installation paths.
    *****This next bit is important, if you do not do this correctly the 2015 medicine will not install****
    3) point the first dialog to your max root folder e.g. c:\program files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016
    4) point the next dialog to your max plugins folder e.g. c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\plugins.
    5) The third and fourth dialog options should be filled in pointing to max 2015 folders. Do not change these to 2016 or you will not get the medicine to install.
    6) run the Blackstorm VRay_3.40.01.exe for Max 2015. You will be asked to enter the paths to max and the Chaos folder.
    7) For Max point it to the Max 2016 folder (same as step 3)
    8) For the Chaos folder point it to c:\Program Files\Chaos Group. If these keeps saying the path is invalid you didn’t follow Step 5. You will have to reinstall vray 2015 and follow step 5. Do not think you can use the 2016 Blackstorm installer, it will install but will not have patched the 2015 version of the files so vray wont be activated.

    9) have a coffee and watch as you render frame after frame of Itoo or Pheonix without any stupid this version of vray is not compatible messages.

    Why does this work….the plugins cannot tell if a version of vray will actually work. What happens is the programmer puts in the version of VRay that is current when the plugin is being written. A version check by the plugin throws up the error message for any new version of Vray, even if the plugins are 100% compatible with the vray release.
    By installing the 2015 version of Vray the version check identifies this release as being older than the one programmed, so it does not throw up the error message.

    I have been using this method for every version of Vray 3.2 onwards. Non of the plugins have ever failed to render correctly in Vray. If you don’t believe us that’s up to you we cannot do any more.

  3. I have installed it on 3ds max 2014 and there is an error while starting 3ds max ” DLL failed to initialize. Error code 127
    Please help

  4. I also need it for Max 2017.
    They have published a post in which they say for 2017 will come later the release.
    But when?
    I need this for Max 2017, if not I would have to go back to mentalray.

    This is sad. :(

  5. hi guys, I have read in the forum this won’t work for 3DS Max 2017
    the poster, MSI, said that for Max 2017 will be released later
    any idea about when they will release V-Ray 3.40 for 3DS Max 2017?

    I have Max 2017 and I need V-Ray 3.40 for 3DS Max 2017

  6. I also need V-Ray 3.40 for 3DS Max 2017…
    I’ve seen the forum, MSI said later… but when?
    some weeks? 1 year? three months?
    I think this kind of releases are incomplete, so now all people with 3DS Max 2017 are here, waiting a release they don’t know when it will go to light.
    I feel sad with this, ‘cos there is a preference for some users (older versions) than for new users (newest versions).
    MSI, too bad.

  7. I tell you my opinion about V-Ray 3.40 and Max 2017. I saw many people here worried asking about V-ray all the time for Max 2017.
    Don’t use V-Ray. Seriously, don’t use it.
    I have been reading the forums in this place and I admit they have a lot of cool things, but people here are not nice. I saw a lot of bad language and admins seems to allow that, if the people in the forums are friends of the admin. Also registrations are closed, so forget about to ask for something. A place for fear.
    Now seriously, why do you need V-Ray 3.40?
    The cracker team said, oh this is our last release, we won’t release more versions.
    I don’t know if they said that to be more popular or to feel more important, and now all people worried and supplicating, oh please, release more versions oh please.
    Well, that is not for me. That is not serious.
    With that in mind, you can start to move to other render engine fast.
    Just imagine you have all your projects with V-Ray, and because these guys won’t release more cracks you won’t have more V-Rays for the next versions of 3DS Max.
    Do you know what means that?
    Loosing all your work. Loosing it.
    If you are using professionally 3DS Max, just imagine having to re-edit all your projects.
    Every render engine, V-Ray, Mentalray, Renderman (Pixar), Arnold, everyone, have their own materials. So if you have a scene made with mentalray you won’t be able to use Renderman or V-Ray or other engine to render this.
    Just imagine you have 20 or 30 scenes in this way… and now because the crackers don’t want to release more cracks for the next versions of V-Ray, you have to re-edit all the work you did in years or just paying for the new versions (thing not all people can afford).
    I don’t know the crackers team, but perhaps the Chaosgroup paid them something for not releasing cracks anymore?
    I’m not in the crack scene but perhaps this is also a business.
    This is just a question, because I feel many people will feel abandoned with statements like that. We won’t release more cracks. OUCH. THAT HURTS.
    All people using Max for architectural design, just think about this, the cracker team won’t release more cracks so now move all your work to mental, or renderman… my God.
    Well, just consider this.
    Matrix the movie, was using mentalray and many other hollywood movies, are using mentalray.
    Mentalray is a property of nvidia, it has a looooong future and the support of a leader company… so why you have to ask about V-Ray.
    I would tell the cracker team. Cool. Don’t release more versions, I won’t waste my time with this. I am with my mentalray that provide Hollywood ready quality and it is free with Max.
    Good luck.

    • I’m not sure what your point is, but if you have that many scenes created with VRay, maybe it’s time to invest in the software.. I’m all for people getting cracked versions of VRay, Max, etc etc, who can afford to outlay 4k to learn a piece of software, but if you use it everyday and make a living from it, then really you should own it.. You talk like if the crackers don’t crack it, it’s game over, but chaos group will keep developing the software??, You can create wonderful, amazing things with the versions available now, if they don’t crack it for 2017, so what.. use 2016, don’t get caught up in having to have the latest versions!!! I have seen stunning imagery produced with much earlier versions, the latest software wont make you a better artist!!

    • Quit whining. If you are using it for professional needs then that means you are earning from it, that means you can afford an official version.
      A normal freelancer wont need any newer versions than v.2.2 and if they do, then they are earning way more than they are ‘giving back’. So fudge off, it is because of people like you torrents are declining in popularity.
      You people think the crackers and the source suppliers owe you something, well guess what princess THEY DON’T!

      First rule of torrenting, always share and ASK for what you want politely, do not stomp your feet and DEMAND for shit.

  8. Doesnt work, cant get it to install. The crack program says it needs the rights to write but I ran it as admin.

  9. https://www.cgpeers.to/torrents.php?id=47407&torrentid=47351#torrent47351

  10. some max scene light cache take forever….. even i set embree, dynamic, 32000mb ram

  11. hi guys, do you know if this files work for 3ds Max 2014?
    I really need it quickly, but I don’t want unistal my Vray 2.4 if this files have a problem during the installation..

    So, who have already installed this files (V-ray 3.4 for 3ds Max 2014) and who can tell me if it’s work ?

    thank youuuuuuu

  12. Blackstorm.dlr gets deleted by my virus scan no matter what I do, even tried to exclude it without luck, Smart Security just ignores me and deletes it anyways

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