9 comments on “CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Win x64

  1. This is ENGLISH language version only !
    When change language (info in text file !) instalation corrupted !

    Missing file: IPM_Content_XX_x64.msi

    in folder: \Setup\MSIs

    XX = language which you want eg. RU, ES, TR, DE, FR…

    Download TRIAL in language which you want and insert this XX language file in folder and to put into folder:


    Language which you want will be WORKED !

  2. Comment out the line pointing to IPM_Content_XX_x64.msi in your language version of Setup.xml, and the installer should succeed. Alternatively, replace XX by EN to install the English crap.

    • IPM_Content_XX_x64.msi files physically MUST BE in Setup content !
      This pack don’t have this file in any other language version than English ! IPM_Content_DE_x64.msi or IPM_Content_FR_x64.msi don’t exist in this pack.
      Can’t install German version (DE) or France language (FR) or…any others languages.

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