18 comments on “VUE xStream 2016 Build 13698 Win x64

  1. Good post but….
    Xstream Avx exes not cracked.
    Gpu path tracing doesn’t work.
    Plugin for 3dsmax 2017 doesn’t work.

    Crack is for xstream.exe not xstream avx.exe.

    Shame. But nice to have.

  2. anyone having trouble with the cinema 4d plugins? It says that I entered the wrong serial number. I followed the instructions to remove the PLE off of the folders and activated it with admin rights both times. Still getting an error.

  3. The plugins don’t work if your computer supports avx, you have to wait for that version.

  4. Very much appreciated, but the Artist plugin instructins make no sense.. :(

    they say:
    1. Copy the 2 cracked files to the [ Setup (Win) Files ] Folder
    2. Start setup by clicking on Setup.exe in the [ Setup (Win) Files ] Folder.

    What does CB mean by ‘[ Setup (Win) Files ] Folder’ does he mean copy to the root install folder:
    ‘C:\Program Files\Eon Software\Vue Xstream 2016’ ?

    if not, as far as I can tell, the files are already IN the ‘[ Setup (Win) Files ] Folder’, that’s where I open them to install them?? so, Copy them where?
    The other steps are the same as for years, but this new one has me thrown..
    Thank you CountryBoy,(and probably Kyodai and StarTrek)!

    ( Come on ‘The Clown’ with Vray 3.5 and I can Change the World at Last! Muaah )

    • Well, I found out there is a Folder called: ?[ Setup (Win) Files ]’, so copied the 2 files there, but it destroyed the install Setup.exe No longer opens… A ‘procedure call entry point’ error to many lines of text to type blah blah,…

      There is no way to tell WHEN one is supposed to copy these files, before or after PLE install? It says to RUN them at the beginning of the instruction, then says to ‘copy’ them at the bottom,. it’s VERY CONFUSING,. Since copying over Setup.exe destroys its ability to run,

      Unfortunately,..this may not Actually be from Countryboy but some sort of trick,.!!! It’s always been so straightforward.. It’s not the same ,..


      please help with this ‘Artist’ install
      (I still don’t see any ‘artist’ content files in C:/ProgramData/Eon…. ??
      If I ever find them,.. Am I supposed to also copy the Artist Content files over the 2016 content files?? Or the other way around???

      This is impossible!

      • Curiouser and curiouser…

        The folder that is supposed to have ‘content’ c:\Program Data\EonSoftware\Vue Xstream 2016 Only has FAKE Content with the ~~ at the end! (wth?)

        The Other folder spoken of in the ‘Artist’ instruction:
        c:\Program Data\EonSoftware\Vue 2016′ DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!,

        Since the ‘Artist’ Instructions were in a separate folder and Not Part of the main Instructions, I did not see it until AFTER I fully installed. (Fortunately since it destroys the Setup.exe’s ability to run and install AT ALL!)

        I just tested and regardless of this ‘Artist’ bump, Xstream opens in Max 2017, I can access my 25GB (ongoing) folder of VUE content and render without watermark,.

        So, I have no idea what this ‘Artist’ install is all about, but,.. it seems only, harmful.. If you just want the software working like always with your normal files, IGNORE THE CONFUSING AND BROKEN ARTIST THING IT DESTROYS THE SETUP.EXE!

        Until someone explains it anyways..

        Is there anything so great in this MISSING Artist content folder? is there new content download?

        THANKS SO MUCH COUNTRYBOY! Awesome to have Vue in Max 2017! Working fine here minus the Artist confusion..

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