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54 comments on “Sakimi Chan – Patreon Collection Terms 1 – 44 UPDATED Feb 2018

  1. could we plz get this as a torrent, it would be really appreciated if you could please?

  2. thanks for the post,
    can I as you please to upload Maya API / CG circuit, rapidgator or nitroflare.
    thank you very much

  3. it would be awesome as a torrent as i have a very slow connection and downloading from hosts is usually being interupted :D

  4. The torrent is available on the torrent site but you must have an account.

    • True, but most people here likely know that whatever gets uploaded to CGPeers eventually finds its way to other torrent sites.

    • Which torrent site?. Cause I just looked it up on cgpeers and it’s not there.

  5. Torrent for CGPeers will come, as usual. I don’t know why, but these Patreon collections always make it to CGPeers.

    Meanwhile, we sometimes Autodesk products go months before being uploaded on CG Peers.

    Doesn’t really make sense to me. I don’t understand why people don’t just upload things to CG Peers first anyways.

  6. A file in Term 39 is corrupt: Kiss variation Tut.
    Please upload a working file.

  7. hi
    tnx for all of ur efforts which let us to download this wonderful tuts.

    there is a thing… the 152 part from rapidgator server is missing and uploaded has deleted all of sakimichan’s tuts. i found no other way to download 152 part. i have downloaded all parts and impatient to extract the whole package

    pls do something about part 152. i have rapidgator account and i cant get nitro account for some reason. pls do some thing about it ASAP.

    ps. term 41 is available on the net

    • Could you give a pointer as to where we can find term 41?
      I tried but couldn’t find it

      • Would love to know that as well, have been searching non-stop the last few days but I just could not find it at all

  8. Term 39 is corrupted

    Possibility to upload the file ?

  9. A file in Term 39 is corrupt


    You can upload a good file plz ?

  10. Thanks for the links! If anyone could make a Torrent for cgpeers that would be hugely appreciated!

  11. does anybody have working ?Kiss_variation_videotutorial? from Term 39

  12. Can someone please upload CGcookie mesh modeling bootcamp course.I have searched everywhere and i cannot find it.Help will be very much appreciated.

  13. Why CGPeers is not opening its registration even on 1st of this month?

  14. Need to upload on uploaded too and fix broken links. I would gladly pay for a torrent.

  15. rapidgator term 1 to 36 part 10 is missing
    check ur links
    and reupload them plz

  16. this parts are missing in rapidgator
    in term 1 to 36 :

  17. Term 42-44 Missing


    ^ Is it possible to get new working ones?

  18. Hi! Thank you so much that’s awesome ! I just miss this file “SakimiChanPatreon1to36.part122.rar” if you could reupload it i’ll be eternaly gratefull :D

    • I can download all, including with these files I can restore a torrent from 1 to 30 he is currently with little seed, the first time I downloaded much faster he now had difficulty and I found this here comes a few more terms, if you tell me where I can find an unlimited cloud and for free I can upara for you

  19. I formatted PC a little time lost lot of material that had her term 1 to 32 including PND file PNG grace to lich of torrent I lose the files more I go to a way of preserving this I still have low chande one part of the other dps I will try viralizar and sow this dai in torrent who has everything already downloaded could sow and pass me the has I could simply put the copy that I have in the same address of the folder there the torrent will verify how complete it would be of the seed

  20. I do not know if it comes PSD, brush, PNG more than 1 to 26 it is the same term and the same video file the provider is the sakimi vai tries to replace with torrent file that I am downloading if it works the torrent verifies how complete I can replace it the ones that I get and leave the torrent downloading the auxiliary file

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