11 comments on “HDR LightStudio Carbon Drop 3 v5.7.0.2018.0725 Win

  1. Hello, thanks for sharing. Anyone knows where is the 3ds max plugin? and presets? I can?t find them.

    • Plugins are free to download on their website,free registration required, as for the presets afaik free trial on the site aswell and full presets you can find them on former release in here

      • No, plugins are not free, they are paid on their website !
        Or give me link or a capture..

  2. Plugin is free to download but I haven’t been able to get them to work with Houdini. Has anyone got the plugins to work with this…….

  3. To clear up the confusion. This works with Maya 2018 + HDRLightStudio Plugin + Arnold. The info.txt contains all that needs to be done for it to work. No confusing rlm server stuff. Just install the .lic in the correct directory.

    • You need the Maya plugin to make the connection between Maya and HDR Studio dude
      So it works as a Stand alone software but not with Maya.

      Just to clear up your confusion

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