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8 comments on “MadCar v3.064 and CityTraffic v2.033 for 3ds Max 2014 to 2020 Win

  1. Failed to work in Max 2019?….what?. True, the installation window only recognizes up to Max 2015 and always selected 2015, other option versions are there but never pick Max 2019 installed. This happened with both “MadCar & CityTraffic” during the installation and after I checked everywhere in Max2019 view port> customaize> nothing and couldn’t locate the plugin even within “Modified-drop down list yet the plugin replacement process went through fine in the Max plugin directory. Am I missing something?.

    • read the manual how to use it…. you cant find it in the modifier stack – its somewhere in the helpers.

    • I found it in the zone! .strange! but hey! …it will do. we shall see how everything else goes.

  2. @ michael coloso::

    The manual stated:
    Once installed MadCar can be created from the command panel:

    Create > Helpers > MadCar

    I don’t think so”MadCar button” missing not listed among the “object Type” panel.
    Plug-in includes the following object types:

    MadCar object types

    Chassis is for car frame.
    The suspension is for a damper.
    The wheel is for car wheel.
    MadCar is managing skin.
    Start Position sets the initial position of the car.
    Trailer Hitch and Trailer Tongue object for connecting vehicles.

  3. For your information users and unless I am missing something. MadCar ? V3.056 For 3ds Max 2015 ? 2016. Will not properly work for me “Max 2019”!.

    I quote:
    “Testing MadCar, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly (using it in 3ds max 2016). There?s no way for me to create a suspension other than ?wishbone? type. After setting up a basic car and entering Drive mode there?s no way to exit correctly the driving function, and after that errors start to pop-up (something saying I need to redo car setup, and something wrong about changing camera focus !!!???, if you click two times on ?unlock? / reset feature 3ds max crashes brutally?).
    I don’t know if these are crack issues or if the plugin is badly written from developers? BTW examples on youtube look very cool, and car setup is very very fast and easy?.”

  4. We need a “.lic file” plus the “.dll file” already included to correctly function regardless 3DS Max version…I think.

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