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43 comments on “Redshift3D Redshift Renderer V.2.6.41 For Maya 64Bit Win

  1. Welcome my Lord! Thank you Master of crackers for this divine masterpiece!

  2. Is this working for anyone? Have followed the instructions carefully multiple times, but still renders with watermarks. The name / password dialogue only popped up the first time I loaded the plugin, but still didn’t work. Have tried reinstalling multiple times with no luck.

  3. the crack doesn’t work, it has watermark :(
    how to fix this ?

  4. Uninstalled previous version.
    Deleted every directory and env variables.
    Cleaned up everythng.
    Reinstalled following steps and first time i load the plugin it asks for name and pw. i fed in the provided ones annnnnd….watermark.

    However i ran as admin c:/programdata/redshift/tools/Redshift4MayaEnv. exe and now all is fine. Both cards enabled.
    No watermark. :)


    • i mean, it still says “Demo” in the log but as far as i can see everything works just fine

  5. It is confirmed now that it only works on GTX 10 series, Let’s first thank who ever cracked Redshift , and wait for their update regarding this issue .

    • until i did the procedure i mentone before it was watermarked on my system (win 10 dual gtx 1080Ti). it is now working and everything seems in order. No watermark whatsoever.

    • Beggars can’t be choosers! :) Sorry my friend but we should appreciate any crack after a while. Something is better than nothing!

      • I’ve tried it with Maya 2018 and 2019.
        Arnold disabled.

        Work fine on my GTX 1070 Ti.
        Watermarked on GTX 970.

        As long as I use the 1070 ti there is no problem, but… what the hell?
        Thanks though. At least I got a taste of the 2.6 experience :)

  6. Can you confirm if it is working with RTX 2080TI ? or any RTX CARD thx

  7. Someone’s mentioned this:

    Works very well in maya 2018 but in maya 2019 you need to change your Environment path so that redshift knows where to load it’s modules
    1- Navigate to C:\Users\\Documents\maya\2019
    2- Open “Maya.env”
    3- At the top of this file you can find a Path that’s called
    “REDSHIFT_PLUG_IN_PATH = %REDSHIFT_COREDATAPATH%\Plugins\Maya\2018\nt-x86-64”
    4- Change “2018” to “2019”
    5- Don’t forget to save this file
    6- Open up your Maya 2019 and head to Windows => Setting/Prefrences => Plugin Manager and load “RedShift4maya.mll”
    7- Enjoy

  8. I’ve done all the steps. I completely removed the old version. I cleaned the environment. but still watermark available for Maya 2015/17/18… :( (I have 2 x 1080 Ti)

  9. It’s working like a charm! (Maya 2018.5 , 1 GTX 1070 , win 8)
    Run reg file and copy files into crack folder as admin.

  10. OMG! Cryptomatte Where were you so far! Thank you CGPersians! Thank you!!! Whooohoo…

    • I have dotted lines across my cryptomatte pass…any thoughts?…NO watermark on other passes. Using win10 gtx1070.

  11. No way … Tried all kind of things, still watermarked (GTX 770 TI & Maya 2017).

    Hopefully we will get a proper release soon =)

    Thank you for your efforts anyway …

  12. Im having problems with cryptomatte having a watermark (small black bars across the render). However all other passes work fine.If someone is having a same problem let me know please , resolve too :)

    • Yes the same here! I’ve tested it in AE Cryptomatte! i Don’t know, maybe it’s a composite side problem!

  13. ??????????:simply enable AOVs and add ?Beauty?: Then switch the IPR aov to ?Beauty_other?.

    • Yes, confirming the workaround is legit. If watermark persists in render, create a Beauty AOV pass. In IPR and final render the watermark wont show when Beauty_other is selected,
      Still no workaround for cryptomatte.

    • Holy Sht!!! that did the trick!!!!
      Thank you very much!!!

      Got it now working on GTX 1070 ti and GTX 970!!

    • How about batch render? Is there any way we can render only the custom beauty pass?
      You think rendering long sequences with both passes enabled affects the render time in this case?

  14. You need to disable second graphics card to remove watermark from Maya 2019!

    Does anyone have a way to bypass this issue?

  15. My cmd command for rendering is not working (render scene no starting):
    Render.exe -r redshift -cam persp -s 0 -e 4 -rd “D:\Rendered\3D” “D:\”

    But this help command work:
    Render.exe -r redshift -help

    Before medicine cmd rendering works. Cmd rendering in Demo version also work.

    Soft: Maya 2019.1

    • same problem, CMD & backburner both rendering nothing, only batch render works.

      any solution to fix this?
      many thanks!

  16. watermark for on my system too. But, the work-around of making an additional beauty pass is working. Watermark does not appear on this second pass. Batch render is working and resolution is not limited.

    Maya 2019 1080 ti x2 windows 10

  17. i have gtx 2060 card and i am using redshift 2.6.41 crack the main problem i am getting this crack its not rendering any fur like nhair and xgen. i havent tested the shave and haircut i am surely know it wont work too if any one having the same issue and resolved it so please share me the solution TIA

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