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23 comments on “Autodesk 3ds Max 2020.1 update Win x64

  1. LOL .. not even worth installing…….

    a better chamfer modifier and soem minor improvements???? and that?s basically it…… ROTFL……

    • LOL then don’t install it? is someone forcing you?

      You are getting it for free and you still complain? Have you even used 3dsmax in your life or are you those complainers that just write dumb things because it comes from Autodesk?

      3dsmax gets about 4 updates annually, so the change of the year in the software means nothing now, the only thing that it means is that if you aren’t paying for plugins (which is obvious for a cheap person) you will have to wait many plugins for months to be cracked again.
      Just look everything they have added the last 2 years, the software is getting better and faster and it is filling the voids for the small missing things. They even posted their roadmap and it looks like it’s what people have been asking for years.

      Some people would do more with their lives if they actually started to learn a software and actually do work with it instead of posting complaints about it, especially the free cheap people who don’t even pay for the software and can learn ‘anything’.
      Just look at the great things people have done with 3dsmax through the years (with or without plugins) so it works.

    • You are getting it for free and you complaining? if you don’t want to install it then don’t, it’s not like you are paying money or anything.
      Many industries and studios use 3dsmax for many tasks, it is proven to work so what is your excuse? no 1 click button to do it all?
      Autodesk posted the roadmap with features people have requested, so why complain? When Max got many features in the past 2 years. I know it’s like a trending to join this lame Autodesk hatewagon, but seems like people like you are ignoring the fact that 3dsmax gets updates every 3 months with new features, 4 updates a year. so it’s not like you have to wait a whole year to get anything new again like years ago, so new features will arrive in the next 3 months.

      I wonder if you even use it or why it should matter to you, seems like you only spam about it the chamfer and repeat the same thing like true npc.

      • Are you crazy?? I paid 15 years of my life learning 3ds max and used it, I always hoped that one day the things I want would be implemented in max and I would pay the money for if my expectations were met, now that I’ve red the roadmap I am totaly disappointed, have you seen max’s rigging tools? Did you know that its the same since max 6? Do you know about maya’s rigging tools? Would it be so hard to implement a node editor like maya into max? Did you know that most of the max’s tools are old code and uses a single-core? Even blender is more stable and faster than max, I was hoping to get tearable viewport in 2020 in the least of it, and guess what! Nope. Give us a break.

      • People are complaining because companies like SideFX push huge, innovative updates all the time. They just implemented machine learning, and have integrations with tons of other software like Unreal, Unity, 3ds Max and more. It’s hard to begin on where Houdini’s capability has overtaken Max.

        Autodesk push minor features that should have existed long ago, while other companies push the limits of what’s possible in the industry.

  2. Can someone give a step by step process on how to download this. I think i did this wrong because i keep getting this is not a valid copy…something long that line. Most appreciate if someone give a step by step process on how to download this software.

    • Open the crack folder and copy the “3DS Max” file into the installed 3DS Max folder on your computer. That’s it.

    • This version has issues with the Arnold Renderer files not being located. I haven’t tested rendering yet, but I get error messages each time I launch.

  3. Bad Crack.

    More specifically: Everything works, loading files, editing, rendering. But you cannot save your work. When you go to file -> save, it appears to work (no error message), but it does not actually create a save file.

  4. Hey!
    Maybe one of you guys can help me out!

    I tried the crack and everything went fine until I analyzed my network.
    Apparently, 3ds max builds a connection with a licensing server which runs simultaneously with the programm.. when I try to cut the connection, I get a message saying that 3ds max will close in 10 minutes and in that time I am supposed to save my projects.

    My question is: is it safe running the software while it is connecting to some autodesk-servers? or am I risking getting caught red-handed?

    Kind regards,

  5. Whos the moron who posted this knowing that we cant save files? Does he work for Autodesk?

  6. Buenas tardes:
    No puedo instalar, al descomprimir me pide el archivo n. 6 .
    ┬┐alguien puede subirlo o como conseguir?

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