17 comments on “Exoside QuadRemesher v1.01 Cinema 4D Win

  1. Is it a trial version? It doesn’t contain any crack and it says that it’s in trial mode…

        • I guess licensing is bypassed. So forget about the License Manager. Just use this nice plugin. Although, it is very slow (compared to ZRemesher). And you have to be patienced until the recalculating process has totally finished and the result in shown. But the results are worth to wait for.

          • the thing is I installed the official version just 3 days earlier this one and entered my data, now the countdown is running… Yeah, I’ve tried both ZRemesher and QuadRemesher. ZRemesher is much better because I can keep polygroups. QuadRemesher doesn’t really work for some curve surfaces, it makes a complete mess.

  2. Well, the big question is this (which yet remains to be answered); Is this one any different than a trial copy that everyone can easily download and use for 30 days from the product’s website? Does it expire in 30 days time?

    • Get a trial copy and get what’s posted here and compare all included files with e.g. HxD.
      I suppose what’s posted here will not expire. Just wait and see.

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