7 comments on “Lynda – Cinema 4D R23 Essential Training: VFX

  1. Unfortunately the folder “Ex_Files_Cinema4D_Pt_1” contains the same 002 zip archive as the folder “Ex_Files_Cinema4D_Pt_2”. Can you please verify?


  2. There is no “Exercise Files.zip.001”

    just two of “Exercise Files.zip.002”

  3. amigo, it is necessary to dishonor an 80-year-old virgin on a full moon in the cemetery when a one-eyed black cat flies over you, and in general, 7-Zip to help you, everything is perfectly unpacked :)

  4. the problem is that there are no scenes that are used in projects, videos and sequents, but there are no scenes,

  5. the project files are located in the folder .Keka-020ACE05-DCDD-49C4-B68F-5CE3A2379830 :)

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