21 comments on “Plasticity 1.2.14 Win

  1. Tricky installer, tricky crack, but it works for me.

    After finally succesfully installing the appclication itself on my old hardware with OS Win7,
    I got this first Plasticity Welcome screen:
    So according to the instruction for the crack, I closed Plasticity,
    then carefully used the crack until it said, “Patched OK.”
    Relaunched Plasticity and now got this screen:
    Used the greenish “Start your free trial” button (you have to be connected to the internet of course) which
    lead me to the trial licensing screen
    Closed Plasticity again, used my firewall to block BOTH Plasticity.exe from having access to the internet
    Launched Plasticity again and it looks as if I now have a working version of Plasticity 1.2.14.

    Let’s see if it still works tomorrow and if the program is even worth dealing with.
    Hope my screenshots will pass moderation and will help.

  2. Not working, for me it’s impossible to start a trial of the software, it gives an error

    • approximately the same result, after patching it showed 1 day trial ends (a couple days like this).
      After “the trial has expired” and cannot patch again

  3. I couldn’t launch it. then reinstalled a new demo version from the website and it won’t launch. any advise?

  4. It didn’t work as previously stated in the messages, nor does it install. I use Windows 11. That’s for another time. Thank you anyway.

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