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  1. Thank you for share but is not complete the steps to crak 100% only say: Copy created user.lic to “C:\Users\%username%\Documents\World Creator\Versions\2023_3” (create in not exist) and nothing happen when I run Run WorldCreatorKeygen.exe

  2. Dosen’t work crack appea: You IP was tracked and nothing happen

  3. It doesn’t give me an option to use as a trial? Just a login screen, which doesn’t seem to work. Can it be fixed?

    • I stand corrected, it does work but the instructions aren’t clear – you need to make sure you block the program on your firewall (inbound and outbound) and copying the licence BEFORE opening it. Thanks for the release, now waiting for 2023.4

  4. Must block World Creator 2023 via a firewall in your antivirus or Window’s inbuilt one otherwise it will give you a message of Ip was tracked.

    For me, it’s working but this is a casual licence version meaning capped at 4k resolution and 1m precision only. it’s free so can’t complain lol


    Step by step:
    1. Install the program
    2. Run the program once until login menu appear, then exit.
    3. Block the program in firewall(block both inbound and outbound)
    4. Run the WorldCreatorKeygen.exe, it will create user.lic file in the keygen folder.

    5. Copy the user.lic file to “C:\Users\%username%\Documents\World Creator\Versions\2023_3”, if the location didn’t exist then you need to make the folders manually

    6. Open my document -> world creator -> versions -> 2023_3 and copy again the user.lic there; if the location didn’t exist then you need to make the folders manually

    7. Start the program, it should work

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