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  1. Open Lumion_2023_4_2.exe after that need activate code to install, where to find the activate code?

    • you dont need the code if you istall the exe file from the comand prompt
      as the following
      if directory location is in E: drive then type as below


      E:\LUMION-23\LumionPro2023.4.2.0WiNx64>Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s


      • This comment deserves an award. It will ask for an activation code unless you run the installer using Command Prompt with the following command:

        X: is the drive where the Download.exe exists, in my case it is C:\

        X:\LUMION-23\LumionPro2023.4.2.0WiNx64>Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s

        Example if running from Downloads folder on C:\ drive:
        C:\Users\MyUsername\Downloads\LumionDownloadedFiles\Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s

    • you dont need activation code if you start the exe file from the comand prompt ;

      for example open cmd ( comand promp ) then if the lumion instalation directory is in drive E: then type as below to go the that directory ……..


      E:\programs\2024\LUMION-23\LumionPro2023.4.2.0WiNx64>Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s


      • I did use the cmd to instal the .exe but it still gives me the enter activation code window!

  2. something is not understood. unzip everything then enter cmd from the folder and enter the code, I process everything up to 100% but if I start the shortcut that I created on the desktop the files are missing and if I try to install again it asks me for the code again

  3. works! but… when starting up it gives many errors about missing .dll files.
    I got it to work by installing dfrom cmd with the command indicated above in the description. install everything and create the shortcut on the desktop. Then you have to copy the crack to the Lumion directory and execute the path. Then I start Lumion but it gives those .dll errors. I accept all the errors and it starts. It apparently works fine but I’m worried about these errors. How do I fix it?

  4. I found the error!!! It is that during the installation it does not find the file Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.001. It cannot find it because in “file type” it is identified as a Winrar file. It should say “File 001” just like the rest of the parts. This is already the case within the original rar so the error is in the origin. Please repair it

  5. Worked, but the menus doesn’t show the latest items added by lumion and also the rendering effects section is also bad as the options are not in there place. The display resolution and size doesn’t change as per monitor size.

  6. – open cmd > press “CD” and copy paste your installation directory address. Hit enter

    – key in your drive alphabet, example: “F:” . hit enter

    ___now cmd should start with your drive location address__

    – key in this: Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s

    press enter. Finish

  7. Hello,
    Lumion crash when i try to use ray tracing, you know how to fix, i have rtx3080ti.

  8. having dll errors when program starting. menus and other functions not working properly.

    in lumion 2023.4.2.0 folder, there is a file named Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.001, it looks like a rar file, maybe it’s the source of the errors.

  9. having dll errors when program starting. menus and other functions not working properly.

  10. Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s
    I have followed the instructions but it always asks me for the activation number. Any update or solution for this?

  11. Downloaded it , installed using cmd as per instructions , still says my license is invalid when trying to start the program

  12. I start the installation of Lumion via CMD but it automatically installs in \C:. Can I change this location to \E:

  13. Hi, I have got some problems with the patcher, I hope you can help me with that.
    I have installed Lumion from the CMD without any problem. Then I moved the patcher from the Patch folder to the Lumion installation folder and when I run the patcher as admin he does not work.
    Basically it doesn’t open at all, normally should pop-up the pw request but this doesn’t happen. I tryed even with other version of Lumion (12,12.5,11) but I have got the same problem. Hope you can help me with that. Thank you

    • hi, it worked when i deleted the lumion lines from tre host file (thats the location, its on the drivers folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc). had the seme problem and found the sollution on the comments of this youtube video


  14. It says that the documents lumion folder can not be oppened, what can i do?

  15. Just want to confirm – this works beautifully. Follow these instructions if you have any issues:

    Password for PATCH FILE.exe: cgpersia-zmco

    Step 1. Launch Command Prompt (go to Start Menu > Command Prompt) on your computer and enter the path of where the Lumion files are.

    Step 2. Once you have launched Command Prompt, you will need to enter a command to begin installing Lumion. This command depends on where the Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe file exists

    In my case, it is in my Downloads folder in the C:\ drive so my command will look like this:

    Example command I will enter in Command Prompt and hit ENTER if the files are in the Downloads folder on my C:\ drive:
    C:\Users\MyUsername\Downloads\LumionDownloadedFiles\Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe -s

    Step 3. Once I have entered the command the installation will begin. Once it’s completed, the Command Prompt window will disappear.

    Step 4. Do NOT launch the Lumion app. You should now be able to see it in your Start Menu as an installed app or C:\Program Files\

    Step 4. Go get the PATCH FILE.exe and copy it to C:\Program Files\Lumion 2023\ folder and launch the PATCH FILE.exe from the folder that you copied it to.

    Once you launch the PATCH FILE.exe, it will require a password, the password is cgpersia-zmco Enter this password and click on Proceed. Then press Patch.

    Step 5. Once patching is completed, it will say — PATCHING IS DONE — and you may close the patch file.exe.

    WARNING: Please note, you can NOT use the MyLumion.com service, Lumion News or Open Street Map — otherwise it will make a connection to Lumion servers and cancel your activation.

    When closing the Lumion app, it will show “Releasing license”, please wait for up to 30 seconds and the message will close by itself.

    With this patch, Lumion will work completely offline and you do not need to be connected to the internet.

    • With this patch Lumion will only work with internet connection…tried multiple solutions with no luck

  16. ok to install in another folder o drive use this code:

    Set FileName=»Lumion_2023_4_2_Download.exe»
    %FileName% -s -d «C:\Program Files\Lumion 2023»

    replace the program files path to your desired path.

    also i finally can use it offline.
    if you need remote assistance you can reach t.me/juanhidgo

  17. May 2024, STILL the same problem !!. we can use this OFFLINE. Have the message ” no internet connection, help or quit “. I read a solution with a window virtual connection, but doesnt work ! so plz tell us when u will find the solution !

  18. Successfully installed and patched on multiple PCs, but Patch is not opening on 1. Installed and updated every C++ Runtimes and DirectX, no success. What do I do?

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