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  1. Hi!

    The key generator constains Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml which allows your computer used remotely from the internet.


    • If you are scared about a “trojan” in the keygen, then run it inside a VM to generate the keys. It’s that simple.

    • comments from cgpeers that may help you

      It’s not working Mantra “No licenses could be found to run this application.
      Please check for a valid license server host” How can this be fixed?

      For Mantra on Houdini 20 and Karma for previous Version, what I did was
      1. Stop Sesinetd and restart as instructed (from read me)
      2. Run Keygen and generate Licences as Instructed
      3. Follow same step, File>Import Licence> Manual Install
      4. I copied first Licence for server name
      5. Copy Mantra Licence
      6. Copy Karma Licence
      **** One of them might be on second box BTW
      6. Accept
      7. stop Sesinetd and restart it

      I only found these licences. I don’t see a Mantra Licence.
      SERVER ***
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Master
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Master-NG
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Render
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Halo
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Halo-NG
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Escape
      LICENSE Generic Karma-Render
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Render-Script
      LICENSE Generic Houdini-Render-Plus

      LICENSE Generic Render 20.0 100

      You got it right, because on Houdini console window it asks for generic license if am not mistaken, congratulations you made it

      • Did you get Mantra working on Houdini 20 ? If so — where did you get the mantra license string ?



      • hi Again!

        Never mind the earlier. Its working. Used h19 licenses for mantra and karma. (render and karma-render) with h20 server string.


  2. Works on Windows.
    Installation process is the same as with previous versions.
    I was able to install it on system with Houdini 19.5 already installed without deleting any previous keys.

    Many thanks to Diptra for this and other resources.
    Thank you.

  3. I cannot open this keygen for some reason, on Windows 11. Does not work in compatability mode either

  4. One question: in the readme file, it first says to install the License Server from the Houdini installer. But then, at the bottom, after all the steps, it says this: “To prevent keys from being lost in future Houdini updates, uncheck the License Server installation option.”
    Can someone clarify?

  5. Hey!

    So have any of you figured out how we can make Mantra work in Houdini 20 ? THere is no license key for Mantra. Also if I try to use H19 Mantra key, it fails.



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