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Creativecow: The Apprentice Magician’s Guide to particleIllusion | 2.04 GB

The Apprentice Magician’s Guide to particleIllusion is the most comprehensive set of video tutorials created to teach novice users every aspect of particleIllusion 3.0
Setting up projects, how to use all the tools, and basic emitter creation are all covered on this DVD, along with a healthy dose of tips and tricks that will save you time when creating particle effects.
Hosted by Elvis Deane, moderator of the Creative Cow particleIllusion forum,the video contains 21 lessons and runs for 1 hours and 40 minutes.



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In the second DVD in this series on Maya Fluid Effects, effects animator David Schoneveld imparts a detailed view of the various methods and advanced features of particle and rigid body control through fluid dynamics. This multi-faceted lesson takes you through the beginning and inter- mediate techniques of the Ocean Shader before revealing how you can create object-avoiding particles without scripting. The lesson culminates by teaching you how to create particles driven by fluid dynamics that can interact with an object or character.

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Animating physical-based simulations such as particle clouds is somewhat of a Catch-22; exercising too much control makes the simulation look fake, but not enough control prevents you from getting the job done efficiently. Striking the perfect balance between control and randomness in your simulations is essential to creating realistic motion for dust, fire or water. Continue Reading

Muzzle Flashes

* Particle-based 3D muzzle flash creation
* On-canvas controls for easy positioning and rotation
* Automatically animate a sequence of Muzzle Flashes with ‘Rate of Fire’ control
* Apply multiple textures for varied results
* Bundled texture library
* Seeded shape formula
* Create millions of unique muzzle flashes
* Full control of color, shape and size
* Side ejection simulation for extra realism
* Color gradient for Glow rendering
* Control over transparency, blur, intensity and jitter elements

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