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fxphd – MYA206 – Maya Animation and Compositing : Red Dwarf
Long time fxphd professor Matt Leonard dives into production with his new course covering work he did for Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. Leonard is our leadMaya professor, but he is also an adept compositor who uses tools such as Nuke and Fusion. For this course, he’ll be walking through the entire productionprocess of his work on the show — from pre-production to on-set to the final composite. He’ll cover all the angles of delivering great animation and a realisticcomposite in this hard core hands-on course.More details to come about the course once the mini-series airs in the UK the weekend of April 11th.

Professor: Matt Leonard (mattdleonard)
Class 1: Pre-Production and Working On-Set
Class 2: Live Action Tracking using PFTrack 5
Class 3: Modelling Characters in Maya 2009
Class 4: Rigging Realistic Acting in Maya 2009
Class 5: Painting with Light, Texturing and Lighting in Maya 2009
Class 6: Timing for Animation, the Art of Performance
Class 7: Animation, Bringing Life to Animation using Maya 2009
Class 8: Multipass Rendering using mental ray
Class 9: Integrating the 3D into the Live Action Plate using Nuke 5.1
Class 10: Adding Realism to the Final Shot, Advanced Compositing in Nuke 5.
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