Final Render/ Final Toon Stage 1 Sp2 3dsmax 9-2009 (32/64Bit)

finalRender Stage-1 R2 now supports 3dsmax 2009 32 and 64 bit.
finalRender brings you the power of 64 Bit rendering like never
before. Render with huge textures, immense poly counts, outrageous
MTD and gigantic finalToon output. To add to your 64 bit work flow,
finalRender allows for mixed 32 and 64 bit distributed rendering.
You can use both your 64 and 32 bit machines to render with, allowing
for a easy transition to 64 bit.
finalRender Stage-0 unleashed the first affordable and fast GI solution
for 3ds Max. Then came Stage-1 R1.0 and now finalRender Stage-1 R2.0
revolutionizes rendering all over again! With the addition of AQMC,
the brand new GI engine, a new era in robust and animatable GI
rendering has been started.

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Sitni Sati Plugins 3D Studio Max 2009 (32/64Bit) **Updated

DreamScape 2.5d for 3dsmax2009 32Bit fxl_rar.htm

DreamScape 2.5d for 3dsmax2009 64Bit kmt_rar.htm

Afterburn 4.0 for 3dsmax2009 32Bit _rar.htm

Afterburn 4.0 for 3dsmax2009 64Bit _rar.htm

FumeFX 1.1 for 3dsmax2009 32Bit tp_rar.htm

FumeFX 1.1 for 3dsmax2009 64Bit mk_rar.htm

but you can download all of sitnisati plugins for 3dsmax 2009 from this torrent


Afterburn 4.0 32/64 Max 2009
Dreamscape 2.5D 32/64 Max 2009
FumeFX 1.1 32/64 Max 2009


The ultimate character animation plugins suite for 3ds max 9/2008

The Di-O-Matic Character Pack is an all in one suite gathering all the plugins Di-O-Matic has developed until now and much more to help you save time in your production. It’s a single CD, with a single installer but it’s jam-packed of tools you need for your character animation.

This pack contains the following plug-in’s:
*Facial Studio
*Morph Toolkit

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CONCRETE – Vol I – FULL DVD (4.6 GB) – Png – 6000×6000 pix (Updated with torrents)


This collection contains 51 high-resolution textures in well-known quality. Every texture consists of diffuse-, bump and specular/glossiness map – all available in lossless-compressed format (PNG24 / PNG8). The collection covers textures of the following categories:

* bricks & tiles
* floor surfaces
* panel formed surfaces
* wall surfaces
* misc

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A Persian miniature is a small painting, whether a book illustration or a separate work of art intended to be kept in an album of such works.

Miniature painting became a significant Persian form in the 13th century, and the highest point in the tradition was reached in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The themes of Persian miniature are mostly related to Persian mythology and poetry. Western artists discovered the Persian miniature around the beginning of the 20th century. Persian miniatures uses pure geometry and a vivid palette. The allure of Persian miniature painting lies in its absorbing complexities and in the surprising way it speaks to large questions about the nature of art and the perception of its masterpieces. Continue Reading