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  4. Hello all at cgpersia.com, great website.
    I have been hunting for this application for days now. The password (51render.com) works for only a portion of the zipped files. The file: fR Stage-1R2_m6-9.ms (39.7Mb) comes up with a wrong password error. The password does work for the text file and a file called: finalrender.stage-1.r2.0.x32.x64.exe (138Kb). Though my antivirus says this file is a trojan. Has anyone got this to work for them? And if so how? Does any one know another link to this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Thanks uploader..

    But the first and third part (a & C) are missing.. Please upload them again. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. The crack or the patch folder is empty..:(. Please upload that one also.

  7. Hello

    Very sorry for the late cos I was out of the country.. The link is
    but I recommend u to download this.
    Final Shaders:

    FinalRender :

    Because this seems to be an updated version and the installer can install FR to Max 8, 9 and 2008.


  8. CAT v.2.5 for 3D Max 9

    CAT™v.2.5 is a complete character animation system plug-in for Autodesk® 3ds Max® that offers artists in film, post production, and game development an environment to produce better animations faster. Now it works with 3ds max 9


  9. I also need a fully working Reliable link that is sure shot and works with MAx…..

    Please kindly help me with it:S its beeen days now

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