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43 comments on “Download MASSIVE Collection Softwares Xforce

  1. hi,
    Mhost(l ar) dont work. and 0 license generated.
    anybody cannot run massive prime 3.0.3.
    do you run it ?

  2. hi,
    Mhost(license manegar) dont work. and 0 license generated.
    anybody cannot run massive prime 3.0.3.
    do you run it ?

  3. ??? ???? ????? ???? ???? ???? ???? =D>
    ??? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??? massive ????? toturial ????. ?????

  4. damet garm Admin joon , engadr saytaro migardam
    ta massive Linux Version peyda konam.
    Mamnoon Az Lotfet

  5. are these seriously professional softwares demo or has pill inside.I know i shouldnt have asked such a question. but i want to know b4 i download them

  6. salam be tamam dastandarkaran in sate . age shoma nabodid ma be hichja nemiresidim . khile doseton daram az lotf be darigheton . omed varam dar ayande betoned moyafaghtar bashid

  7. the license has created in the temp folder if you open with rar

    the massive is the best work for me

    mover i love oyu//////

  8. hi, installatation crackk????, como utilizar el crack para la instalacion? step by step please, thank you

  9. Here are the Crack Instructions.. Step By Step…
    1. Install mhost
    2. Run mhost manager. From the info tab obtain the specific “hostid”.
    3. Run Massive keygen and type in the hostid.
    4. In the host manager status bar browse to where the generated “mlicense” has been placed.
    5. Start mhost.
    6. Install either Massive Prime OR Massive Jet.

  10. GL_ARB_multisample WTF when i try to start the program it says this missing. Help ME please email me at please i would appreciate this

  11. @shadow, copy keygen in C:\Program Files\massive_mhost and then generate etc… that is ok. 9999 lic

    @ michael i have same problem. don know what to do. maby it is video card and open_gl. I have ATI old one and i think that is problem. I AM NOT SURE. Please post here your experience….

  12. @ michael, in my case it is video card . When i change ati with msi-nvidia yesterday its ok but comp not proper boot. not important massive is prior

  13. i already copy the license in “C:\Program Files\massive_mhost” but still no license…… Help Pleasse…… :)…

  14. does anyboady was able to run Massive Prime 3.0.3 linux or linux 64 version?

  15. hi all pls i have problem with compiling shader-massive.fs,”Fragment shader failed to compile with followings errors”and Render cant run i have Ati Radeon X1900 and is very fast pls help me fast thanks

  16. @shadow, only try till you get lic. There is no logic. Yesterday, because of ugrading windows i lost lic and have to generate lic at least 30 times. no logic but it works.
    @belal, have you link for Massive Prime 3.0.3 linux. Please.

  17. Hi just thought i would mention in mhost under info tab only copy the numbers to the keygen.

    make sure you have latest graphic drivers worked great on my nvidia geforce fx 5200 i also changed conformant texture clamp to opengl dont know if that matters.

    thanks for the links any chance of Combat Sword Agent.

  18. I can’t run my Massive prime 3.0.3 for windows 32 bit
    i generated Mhost already and put it in MASSIVE HOST FOLDER. and start Mhost, it appear 0 license.
    my machine is :

    have anybody help me. i want to try it

  19. Reinstall massive software and try again install mhost or try on/off pc ….often appear 9999 license but often too 0 license
    try try and again try

  20. i got mine working, anyone have the video tutorial complete_? i have just some videos, im really interested in first 2 chapters.


  21. How to render with renderman or mental ray? Velocity dont work at me because of video card. With renderman I can render only terrain with shaders no terrain map. Agents not rendered. Or Mental ray standalone how to connect to massive?

  22. links for:
    MASSIVE PRIME V3.0.3 3.0.3.rar.html (not working) 5/(not working)
    h++p:// (works)

  23. active download link for :

  24. is there a tutorial video or pdf for massive software?????? please give me a link

  25. Is there an update for Massive 3.5? This seems to allow export/import of 3dmax cameras etc. Would be cool!

  26. I can’t use massive3.0 render any object with renderman or mentalray in windows.I am trying to use massive in linux,but it’s hard,because I had never worked in linux. I hope the update to massive 3.5.

  27. Massive Prime 2.0 tutorial videos:

  28. Admin can you put Massive Combat Sword Agent? ? – it’s most wanted !!!!!

  29. I downloaded Massive’s Mayhem ready to run agents and I unzipped the file and then got a folder with a bunch of other zipped files, but then when I unzip one, I get another zipped file, named “mayhem agents” I unzip it but then it says “Next volume is needed” “mayhem_agents.r00 where can I find that or how do I get the zip file to unzip all the way?

    whats the problem?

    Please let me know, thank you!

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