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12 comments on “Download Massive Prime 3.03 2007

  1. farsi (agha vaghean karet aliea man khaili donbale in narmafzar budam va khaili az narmafzaraie dige ke zahmat keshidi tu in site gozashti
    Soal:man har mikonam filai rapidshare ro nemitunam begiram ba file torrent moshkeli nadashtam vali rapid ro ke ro linki ke dadi click mikonam safe downloadam baz mishe hajme file chand KB bishtar nist badisham ke link mide tu rapid va dige hich kar nemishe kar (nemidunam in moshkele mane ia .. )
    age betuni komakam koni mamnun misham.
    dobare check mikonam.

  2. @mahdi:

    mahdi, please write in English. Otherwise I’m not able to follow your Request. As you see It’s my Thread and so I’m also responsible for it. But I’m not able to read what you are wrote.

    Thx in advance

  3. I’m searching for linux 64-bit version too, but cannot find it free. If you find I’ll appreaciate if you send me at and send me your e-mail, so I can send it to you if I find it.

  4. KHALIL, it’ s working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Iv’e just started using massive but i’m having alot of trouble rendering. the shaders in the surface shaders window under the materials shaders tab is empty and theres no where to browse to find any so im just wondering what id do about that is there a way to change the destination so the shaders would show up are if theres a way of rendering that dosent use them, thx!

  6. I’m very amazed and anxious about starting to use this, but i have no idea where to start. ANY Tutorials? (not the Massive 2 going around everywhere with “Massive 3” fake title)


  7. Massive Jet has included tutorials in it. XForce released video tutorials for version2, and they are also applicable for version 3 of Massive Prime.

  8. mhost-3.0.5-win32.exe AND massive-prime-3.0.3-win32.exe wont run for me!!! get back error message saying:windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have appropriate permissions to access the item! BUT, I am admin, tried run as administrator, tried changing securety settings and all sorts, will some one please help me to run this on vista basic home (64 bit) cant run in 32 or 64 bit!

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