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6 comments on “Side Effects Houdini v.8.1

  1. SIDEFX Houdini Master 9.1.124 WIN32 VC7 (Version of compiler 7) – 134 Mb

    Houdini Master 9.1 WIN32 VC7 ( Version of compiler 7 ) The 32-bit Windows (VC7) build uses the Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) 2003 compiler and is being made available for studios that have HDK code in their pipeline that is compiled with the VC7 compiler. This DOES NOT include FBX support.

  2. ادمین جون کامنت نلسونو تو یه پست تازه بذار، ملت از کجا بفهمن آخرین ورجن هودینی اینجا خوابیده؟ :lol:

  3. ارادت ما رو به “ایلایت فورس” تون برسون ادمین جون :lol:
    گفتی والفیش… آدم با معرفتی بود… بیچاره پیرمرد :(

  4. The license Administrator is loading in chinese or something so i can’t find my server name…. any cue how I could switch in english ???

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