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44 comments on “3dsMax 2009 Plugins (Mega Pack)

  1. Top of the morning Walfish, Welcome back :D
    You should come on irc :D
    Then again, I still need to fix that cgiirc portal :/
    Meh, I guess i’ll just replace it with mibbit later
    Ah well

  2. I not post too much, but welcome back and many thanks for your work!


  3. These links are worng




    • Some Anti-virus accuses some virus um keygens or cracks even if they are clean! I don?t know if its an strategy against piracy or is just a bug.

      But remember to use at your in risk!

  4. Incredible number of plugins, but links to the last three are not right. I think they should be:

  5. The links for the last 3 plugins are not complete..…dsmax.2009.rar…dsmax.2009.rar…s.Max.2009.rar

  6. Howdie,

    first of all to whom who didnt know it already: many keygens are marked as virusproblems but theiy arent. If you are worry in starting them, download this nifty tool : and everything is clear.
    Uploading as an torrent: nope
    Thanks to spogebob

  7. Wow, what a great find. Now I don’t want to bore anyone but does Vray work ok, including vray dirt,toon,camera etc etc

  8. …thought about a small contribution (I have not seen these anywhere yet…):

    Cebas? finalShaders? R2.0 SP2 x86 & x64 Installers
    Autodesk? 3DStudio? Max 2009 Compatible

    Now… these are only installers – but at least the x86 version worked fine with the same IP-Clamp activation that is out there for finalRender?, on both XP SP2 & Vista SP1.

    Install finalRender?, activate it, then just install the finalShaders? and that should do it.

      • So… Cebas? now puts viruses into original installs? Hmmm…
        Ever heard of a false positive?

        Now: there is no keygen provided in this download at all. Read above about how to activate. No idea for x64 though.

    • help:
      “This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.
      This limit is reached.”

  9. And what about VRay Scatter? Is there a crack for VRay Scatter plugin? I’m trying for last three month find crack for this plugin…but no luck.

  10. what about NodeJoe 1.1 for MAX 2009?, … anyone knows a way to get it?

  11. “Cebas? finalShaders? R2.0 SP2 x86 & x64 Installers Autodesk? 3DStudio? Max 2009 Compatible”
    Thank you for this, but TTooooo bad, only ten downloads avaiable ! :( I was so excited about this stuff… If someone can re-upload them, that’s great stuff for FRender !

  12. I`m searching for Vray for Cinema 4d. Can`t nobody help me. Please share this on rapid!!! Please!!!

  13. Vray SP2.
    Does any of you made it work?
    Do I have to install wibu during instalation process?
    is This complete version having everything?

    The Crack didn’t clarify very well how to making it work with Distribute Rendering. Can any of you Clarify the DR part?


  14. Hi, a have downloaded FumeFX and Afterburn, just plugins from Sitni Sati, but they don’t work. It’s proper version, installation is OK, it creates folder in \plugins but doesn’t work! (3DS Max 2009)

  15. keygen for f-edge is outdated.

    seems like keygen is for 1.02. :(

  16. ..for all who the Plugins wont work..

    you have to run 3dsmax 2009 as an Administrator (rightklick..”run as admin”


  17. The cebas ip clamp crack cant be extracted, is corrupted on all the cebas files so i cant crack it, does anybody had any luck with this? Please help me out.

  18. I have downloaded and installed Dreamscape…but from where can i get the Keygen? there is no Key generator in the Zip file. Some XF-DCPFLIC file it doesnt work. Pl help i am urgently in need of Dreamscape Sky

  19. hi i have download sitni sati “after burn plugin”, but if anyone know what’s wrong about this program.
    i ‘ve tried to make an effect with it, but in the window “atmostpheric and effect ” of 3dsmax2009 there is no “afterburn renderer” choice.
    i ve only got :
    afterburn and afterburn combustion available…
    sorry for my bad english cuz i’m french.

  20. Hey guys i was just wondering i have 3ds max 2009 32bit is there a swift 3d plug-in? this one is 64 bit i dont know if it would work with my 32 bit version, also is there anyway of getting past the rapid share waiting? since i dont have a premium account.

  21. Anyone have Nodejoe for 3dsmax 9 or 3dsmax 2009/2010 with crack?
    Please share!

  22. hey ! thanks for this upload, but I have 3Ds Max 2010 (64bit), can you upload a pack with de most famous plugins ? please !

    So, congratulation for you siteweb, i thing he will become a big famous site soon !

    friendly, Pixel.

  23. This is good. I wanted pictures to add in my school project and the images you have posted are good. Thanks for them buddy! I guess teacher will love my project due to these images and of course the information I provided.

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