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Terragen 2 beta

TG2 features an advanced hybrid micropolygon renderer with powerful multi-angle displacement capabilities. It has a versatile procedural engine that can be utilised to apply subpixel-level detail to almost any aspect of a scene. Terragen 2 is capable of rendering billions of polygons in a single scene.

At the heart of TG2 is a cutting-edge 3D renderer. It is capable of rendering surfaces with extreme procedural displacement and produces images and animations with production quality anti-aliasing and motion blur. Procedural, image-based or object-based shaders can build complex surfaces from simple objects, relying on the renderer’s adaptive subdivision algorithms to dynamically adjust to extreme stretching and creasing.

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Cartoon Smart Blender Basics 1
This two hour tutorial will give brand-new Blender users a comprehensive introduction to working in a 3D environment. Even if you’ve never used a 3D program before you’ll feel at ease in no time. Alter a 40-minute introduction, the course focuses on how to model and shade the character above!

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CGPersia Forums!

After dozens upon dozens of requests for a full fledged forum for CGPersia, It’s finally here!

Before I start rambling about it, The Url to the forums:

As some of you may of noticed, I’ve started work on a forum a few days back. And Finally got the time to finish it up and get it fully functioning. Hopefully this covers what most of you have been requesting for :)

Feel free to Register on the forum and Browse/Post Around!

This is still a freshly made site, so there may be some Bugs within the code. If you spot any problems at all, Or merely want something Edited or Added to improve the Forum, Please note your suggestion on our Suggestion Forum at

Happy Posting!

SOFTIMAGE Face Robot 1.9 introduces a new Autodesk? Maya? exporter that facilitates moving completed facial rigs and animation data from Face Robot into Maya. The interoperative workflow enhances pipeline export and custom data exchange, allowing artists to integrate facial rigs created in Face Robot into pipelines built on SOFTIMAGE|XSI? software, Autodesk Maya software, or between any other professional3D animation software packages.

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