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227 comments on “FumeFx 1.2 + Afterburn 4.0B + Dreamscape 2.5E

  1. may i reg/crack it while online? wht if inaccidently ..? how to correct em right? thnks

  2. i saw that internet is full of comments that can’t authorize fumefx or other sitni sati plugins. I had same problem untill i did that. So its simple. When u are copying your code from max to keygen u are getting authorization code, but no serial. “Serial is in the clipboard”. Don’t copy authorization code from keygen, WRITE IT. And when u wrote it in max, in space where you should pass you serial just click left mouse and hit crl+V. And u will paste you LONG SERIAL AUTOMATICLY! So simple!

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  4. I finally figured out how to install dreamscape just follow the instructions on this video and it works perfectly

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