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31 comments on “Pixel Farm PFTrack 5

  1. Does this version crash when inproving solution like the other v5’s that have been released?

  2. Guys i have 2 months now pftrack 5.0 r1…This is newer version 5.1R1 or 5.0R2??

  3. this is gr8 :) is there a possibility i can get a linux version…
    thanks :)

  4. Please someone find latest version of PFTrack…really need to be able to use “Imprive Solutions”….


  5. drag & drop the footage into the ‘shot’ area will eliminate the ‘crash when import’ problem.

    does anyone know how to export the ‘feature points’ with animation on each of them? i use XSI. thanks

  6. this tool is much better than ‘movimento’ by the way, i can’t even get the other one to work, it didn’t have sufficient documentation.

  7. Help plz..

    “This copy of PFTrack is not licensed.
    Please use the following PFHostID when requesting your license: 112233445566”

    What am I doing wrong?

  8. Cant find a Mac-Version 5.0 in the web.
    Please… anyone a mac-version. THX

  9. I am having trouble importing video, When I import an .avi, it come into Pftrack as just a still image .avi anyone know why this is happening?

  10. For mac

    • hey, I tried to install the mac version but it says it cannot find the license file.
      I’ve tried all sorts of things, can you explain it a bit more specific perhaps than the crack.
      I would love to toy around with this program.


  11. Yeah, does anyone know where to get v5 for Mac,

    CgPersia is awesome

  12. is this a full version…i cant install it…if its a PLE means I cant export it to 3ds max…can anyone pls tell me the full free version available? my mail ID is

  13. if anyone has the full version 5 for mac can you email it to me

  14. Message “Invalid or Deleted File”…. re-upload to DEP/ES/MS/RS pls.

  15. the matchmover its the only tracker that works in mac download a complete version of maya 2010.

  16. Anyone with a working MAC-package that’s willing to upload it again?

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