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60 comments on “Massive Prime 3.5.5

  1. If someone could help me I have promeblem with mhost it does not want to start :(

    • here are some Video tutorials
      Massive Prime v2.0 (Training Video Tutorials)

  2. installation program stops at: Extract: massiveHair.slo … 100%
    If anyone finds a solution to the problem – please write.

    P.S. anyway many thanks to the author

  3. sorry, everything is fine, just a very long time to set the stand on one place:)

  4. how do they justify those prices? i know the market isnt huge for motion capture but still.

  5. I hear from good sources the keygen is infected with multiple viruses.

    From kapersky and a number of other anti virus softs…

    2009-02-10 15:22:20 Detected: Heur.Downloader C:\DL\Massive_prime_3.5.5.rar/Crack\massivekeygen.exe

    2009-02-10 15:22:20 Detected: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Small.vhb C:\DL\Massive_prime_3.5.5.rar/Crack\massivekeygen.exe/#/PE_Patch.Upolyx/PE_Patch.UPX/UPX

    2009-02-10 15:22:20 Detected: Trojan.Win32.Pakes.cgn C:\DL\Massive_prime_3.5.5.rar/Crack\massivekeygen.exe/#/PE_Patch/PE-Crypt.PNH/PE_Patch.AvSpoof/PE_Patch/NiceProtect

    2009-02-10 15:22:20 Detected: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.pbg C:\DL\Massive_prime_3.5.5.rar/Crack\massivekeygen.exe/#

    The earlier X-force keygen from Massive 3.0 works with this version of massive. Do not use the keygen in this release. The reputable private sites I belong to have tested this keygen and it is infected big time, confirmed by multiple testers and installs on multiple user computers. This is not a false alert.

    • The release on this site is clean.

      There is another release of Massive Prime 3.5.5 that really has an infected keygen with a different size in it:

      massivekeygen.exe (96KB) = clean
      massivekeygen.exe (264 KB) = infected

      Your pointing to the other release of the package with the larger keygen in it and with a different archive name.

      The release on this site is clean.

  6. Before extracting any archives run a virus scan first. I found out the hard way when I tried to install Vue 7. There was a file called “Happy Holiday”, which was loaded with the same stuff that your talking about. Thanks for heads up.

  7. Hello,

    This Massive does not render any images….????



  8. dang the keygen still wont work for me i still get the no lisences installed.

    • Did you copy the generated license file (mlicense) into your massive_mhost folder? Did you start or restart the mhost service after that? Did you install the service to a location without spaces in the path?

      I tested it under Windows Vista Business x64 with the supplied demos and it works so far.

      • thanks i’ll try that i did move the lisences file im using xp pro-64 bit 4 gb

  9. Hi Can anyone help, when i install mhost and type in the host id
    and create the lic. file, then browse to it and start it i get no licenses and it tells me they are valid from 2jan 1970 to 2ndjan 1970! Therefore will not work i have tried using the 3.3 mhost with this as well but no joy.
    Does anyone have any ideas? or do i have to set my pc clock back to 2jan 1970 to get it to work which i really do not want to do.
    Thanks in advance.

    • use the keygen from the previous version also available on cgpersia. this keygen does not work for me too

      • The version 3 has been removed from the rapidServer. Can anybody upload it please?

  10. Some tutorials available on the official web site :

    Vid?os tutorials a the end of the list.

  11. Hi,
    admin be dadam beras. harkari kardam mhost hack nemishe
    too version gabl tonestam ye bar onam shansi 9999 license
    besazam vali too in yekii… 20 bar hodoodan windows xp rikhtam. vali…. bayad montazere nos khe linuxi bashim .
    tonesti be X-FORCE Team begoo gandetoon bezane ba in kack kardanetoon. mamnoon

    • agha in jomle akharet akhare khande bood!!
      are jedan gandeshoon bezane ba in crackeshoon!!

  12. Thanks CGP for this and many gr8 posts. btw I just wondered whether it would be alright asking for something here, in stead of the forums :) its glu3d for max 2009. there’s no glu3d at all on cgp yet. if someone has it please share it for us, please.

  13. Oh man I got this problem when installing the MP:

    Error opening file for writing:

    Anybody got solution?
    Thank u.

    • That many shows. Click to skip, the installation will continue and will install without problems.

    • Or download it :
      and place it in the system32 folder for win32 or syswow64 for winxp 64.
      If it already exists, do not erase, make a backup of the original, but still copy the new downloaded.

      • Thanks to SerVVer and piloui, I’ve succeed install it, but now another problem comes where I can’t use it. Here is the message:
        cannot find ‘GL_ARB_multisample’ in GL extensions.
        So what should I do?

  14. hi . I try to install massive softwear about 30 time .it’s successfull. belive me? I’m has problem like as everybody to install massive. try again. try again. thank

  15. how to render in massive prime 3.0.3
    i try so hard but output is not coming
    pls help me

  16. Hi, i cant star de Mhost, all the time said that an Error has ocurred

    Error: Mhos nos started, please check Mhost log for more information.

    Can anybody help me?

  17. When I try to run Massive I get aan error message:
    “Segmentation Fault
    massive 3.5.5 WINDOWS 21:18 04/12/08
    press enter to exit program”

  18. i had same problem, reinstal video driver, change memory 3Gb, that is problem about memory i think, i can not rember exactly how resolved that problem, but it is possible

    • I have the latest Nvidia driver on my win64, do you think that I should install an older one? What do you mean “change memory 3GB”? I have 6 GB memory, you mean, that I should get rid of the other 3GB?
      I have tried on win32 too, but it has crashed , so I did not even get error message. It looks like a brilliant software if you look at the features, but because of these stupid errors it looks like crap. Imagine if somebody pays the money, and cannot even install it.
      The same with windows server 2008 by the way. It cost a fortune, but some important 3D stuff doesn`t work on it, plus it is 16-18 percent slower than XP.

  19. @ironman412 , Segmentation Fault is problem with memory i think, all soft a best on winxp sp2 32, and in this version change to 3Gb switch,
    in my case i think resolved problem with reinstall video driver
    i suggest you to try with other video driver, only for diagnose
    it is briliant as you say, but regardin Renderman as superior renderer

    • Thanks AS barry, I solved it finally. I had to install a brand new windows, (win32). The reason because even my mhost was crashing on the old one.
      Then I had the segmentation problem again, but the installing the Nvidia driver brought the solution. I did not even use the 3GB switch yet.
      Maybe I will try it on win64 as well to reinstall video driver, because mhost was not crashing on that one.
      Something was wrong on the old win32 system…

  20. Hello,

    How can you render with Massive to renderman?
    I thought Massive had a build in renderer….

  21. @aaa, i think massive have own renedered velocity, on this site you have renderman server 13.5, or simply look for air renderer from sitexgraphich,
    there is demo version very good , be care about shaders, that is most important

  22. It works with 64 bit XP also after uninstall and reinstall Nvidia. I have never heard anything like this. THANK YOU As barry! You Rock!!!! You gave the solution.

  23. Hello ,

    we are a studio and we need the Combat SwordsAgent….
    please give it to us….


  24. Hello,

    Is it possible to get the Combat swords agent. He is the best…he can do the fighting action like in LOTR. He is use for the fight shots with Massive


  25. Where can I get the swordsman to use with massive

    I believe he fights….

  26. Hallo everybody! Please help me! Tell me where I can find a healty archive with MASSIVE PRIME, because all archives what I`m downloading are broken or not working correct. Please write me links here in blog or send me to the e-mail. Thank you in advance all of you!

    • Hallo everybody! Please help me! Tell me where I can find a healty archive with MASSIVE PRIME, because all archives what I`m downloading are broken or not working correct. Please write me links here in blog or send me to the e-mail . Thank you in advance all of you!

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  28. Hallo,

    Massive does not work anymore…
    What can be the reason? Give new key…

  29. sometimes the mhost manager does not have the correct hostid so that the keygen will generate the wrong key and therefore wrong license. A fix for this is to start from the right most side of the hostid number where the first two digits are always correct but the next 12 digits are supposed to be the mac address of the ethernet card in your computer(its the same mac address or ethernet address found on the flexLM or by using ipconfig /all within a command prompt window and noting the physical address returned but with out the dashes).Just replace the 12 digits following the first 2 right most digits of the hostid return from mhost manager with your mac address and use it in the keygen to generated the correct license.

  30. P.S.

  31. hey i tried the PARADOX version as well as the trick u suggested by copying the ethernet address and using that for generating license…
    but its not working…
    I even tried 3.0.3 version fromXForce…still the same error…
    (0 licenses..valid till jan 1970 somethin like this)

    any way around this??

  32. massive licence don’t work hostid running licence but 2 jan 1970 to 2 jan 1970

    why any body have this idea for solution thank you

  33. Thanks noname1 ur suggested worked…make sure mhost is running..maybe check ur firewall or other security stuff….turst me it definitely works!

  34. forme also
    …..massive licence don?t work hostid running licence but 2 jan 1970 to 2 jan 1970

    why any body have this idea for solution thank you

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