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iPi Desktop Motion Capture STD v1.2.0

iPi Desktop Motion Capture? is a markerless motion capture technology that literally puts motion capture at animator’s desktop. You can record a video right at your workplace using a webcam or inexpensive digital camera and have it converted to 3D animation on your PC. The technology is accurate, easy to use and affordable.

System Requirements
At a minimum, iPi Desktop Motion Capture software requires a system with the following:
CPU: x86 compatible (Intel Pentium 4 or higher, AMD Athlon or higher)
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Video card: Direct3D 10-capable (SM 4.0) gaming-class graphics card (GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 4850 or better recommended).

Express – MS Kinect with USB cable
Multi-Camera – Webcams or DirectShow-compatible USB or FireWire cameras. See details on Cameras and Accessories

Input Formats
Output Formats
Biovision .BVH
3D MAX Biped-compatible .BVH
Valve Software’s Source Engine animation .SMD
Other formats coming soon

Video Recording Conditions and Environment
Indoor and outdoor
Normal lighting conditions
No markers required
Video can be recorded at 320×240 at 30 frames per second

Actor Clothing Requirements
Actor can wear reasonable casual clothes.
Tight-fitting solid-color clothes recommended.
Jeans and T-shirts are supported.



The Character Animator Toolkit for Motion Builder
This Master Class will demonstrate both practical tools and ideas for creating custom character rigs and animation using Autodesk’s Motion Builder software. Our intended audience is current Motion Builder users of the beginning to intermediate level, as well as riggers and animators whom are new to Motion Builder. Our topics will include the rigging and keyframe animation of characters as well as special animation procedures often needed in production.
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Advanced Character Animation with SOFTIMAGE|XSI? for Half-Life?2, part of the Noesis Interactive?, MOD Your World? training series, teaches how to “Evolve Your Character ” by focusing on bringing your character to life by animating or applying motion capture data to your own custom design characters within Half-Life?2.

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This is Chris’s third lecture in a series on character animation using Maya. In this lecture, Chris delves ever deeper into the world of acting and its most important aspect: the character’s internal thought process.
Chris covers the fundamental principles of lip sync and dialogue, from keying the audio track and breaking it down to phrasing and inflection. Building on earlier themes, including dynamic posing, contrast of shape and emotion, line of action and use of negative space, Chris shows you the step-by-step process of bringing a scene to the level of full 3D theatrical animation. Continue Reading

SOFTIMAGE Face Robot 1.9 introduces a new Autodesk? Maya? exporter that facilitates moving completed facial rigs and animation data from Face Robot into Maya. The interoperative workflow enhances pipeline export and custom data exchange, allowing artists to integrate facial rigs created in Face Robot into pipelines built on SOFTIMAGE|XSI? software, Autodesk Maya software, or between any other professional3D animation software packages.

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