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28 comments on “GLUE3D 1.3.28 + PWrapper 1.07 (32/64bit) xFORCE

  1. I hope this will make similar results to RealFlow. RealFlow is very precise but needs ages of simulation time. So I hope this will be faster.
    I am downloading it now. Thx Immortal! You’re my buddy! LOL

    • yes I hope the same I you, but I am not sure it will be as accurate as realflow

  2. I got both working with Max 2009 and 2010 64x.. Make sure and run the key as an admin if running Win 7 or Vista..


  3. the best is to disable UAC on 7, because there is no alert that uac is disable, it is like xp this way. I think

  4. I have tried it right away after the download. Its fast and easy to use..!!
    But, like immortal said before, not precise as RealFlow. But am still using both softwarefor my project.
    So, if u want precise animation and time is not a matter, use RealFlow. But if u want something easy and fast, use Glu3D instead.
    Thx again immortal..!!

    • nop, did not find it for the moment.. but maybe you can download the demo on their site, and if it allow you to register there is a chance that the keygen work, maybe…

  5. this has to be THE best release of all of 2009!!….

    Immortal900… you are the man!!

  6. Thank’s a lot! it’s a very nice plugin and it work fine!:)
    verry thank’s

  7. I’m very glad that the web master can provide this plugin, I wait this plugin so long. Very special thx web master. If I can earn much money, i will donate this website, it help me a lot of the plugin and teaching method. Thx.

    • hmm I am not the webmaster :), I am a member of the site or something like that, so I don’t have to ask permission to post :)

  8. Last Maya version please. I need the last version of these programs for maya please. Does anyone have them?


    because its so………. difficult to find the glue :)

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  11. can someone teach me how to use both of these plugin ….thx before ….

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