13 comments on “DAVID Laserscanner 2.5.5 (Portable)

    • http://hotfile.com/dl/67415735/0606ffe/DAVID_Laserscanner_2.5.5.rar.html

  1. NO its not free, because you cannot combine the scans without the shapefusion activation. Well you could in another program, its just easier this way 🙂

    Cool release, thanks.

    Here is the nonportable:

  2. It’s not the registered version, but the free version, with all its limitations, like it can’t save in high resolution.

  3. Does anyone know which app was used to make it portable? Please only answer if you really know it – not guessing ; ) I know that there are several apps out there which can do it… but i am looking for this one specifically.

    • vmware thinapp v . But this Version doesn’t work for me license too old. ShapeFusion won’t save, and Textures only in lowres.

  4. Excuse, pls enlighten me, what’s the use of this software without the hardware?

    • this is almost like asking “what’s the purpose of someone posting 3ds max – i don;t own a pc”.

      in case you didn’t notice. this software is specifically made for people who cannot afford expensive 3D scanning hardware!

      now go and check out their site first before asking more “smart questions” ; )

      • Lol! Thanks for the reply but i guess you didn’t understand my question. Well the software still requires a hardware, maybe a cheaper one. I should say thanks to BZUNE for the upload. We shouldn’t start a flipflop chat on this post. Thanks again!

  5. Hi,


  6. Hi Rasa,

    Thanks for your post. Your link works perfectly. I’ve installed it and ran it though my green laser. Did the fusion mesh merge on 2 scans and then imported into Maya as an .obj and it was one complete mesh. Again thanks for your post. Waited over 2 years to see this post.

    Guys this is the link you want to get it working. All you need is any red or green laser with a good PC Cam link the Logitec 900Pro.


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