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10 comments on “cmiVFX Blender VRay Introduction

  1. I don’t really get the combination. Someone would suffer through using Blender because it’s free, but then spend hundreds for a commercial renderer?

    • no one would sufer using Blender(2.5). BLender Ui is far better than commercial products like maya or max (and I am a max senior user). And Blender 2.5 is very very very powerfull with amazing functionalities you will never find in 3ds max, just because autodesk want to sell plug ins and suites.

      But, yes it is a strange combination, knowing SLG (luxender GPU) and Cycle (new blender GPU CPU unbiased internal renderer) are coming.

    • We don’t “suffer” through Blender because it is free, we use it because we like it and currently the only thing Blender is lacking is a good render engine which Brecht is working on fixing right now with Cycles, and with the improved API that Blender 2.5 introduced Blender is now getting exporters for more and more render engines. In just a few years Blender will be competing with the giants and the fact that Autodesk changed their slogan as an indirect assault on Blender Foundation is proof that they are already starting to feel threatened.

      • I agree that Blender is a great product. I use it myself and personally I believe the interface is much better than that of, say, 3ds max. But feature-wise, Blender is way behind the big packages, especially since Autodesk is offering them as an integrated suite. For a studio, paying up to 5,000$ per seat is nothing if it saves them 2 years of development time if you consider how much skilled artists in this industry are paid. Blender is mostly used by private users, but I have not heard of any big movie studio adopting it yet. So Blender is nowhere near of threatening giants such as Autodesk, also because a large chunk of their revenues come from other areas. Just look at their revenues, manpower, innovation rate, patents, proprietary technology and existing pipelines that lock companies in. You cannot easily replace an existing system without re-training everyone – and why would you want to do that if the systems are paid for in terms of skill-level? I certainly wouldn’t. Time is money.

  2. I love you IronBoy. Please upload Softimage Animation Principles and Softimage Rendertree by CMIVfx.

    And the new Rendertree Reference Node Tutorials by Digital Tutors

    And Finally New Features in HDR Light Studio 2 by Digital Tutors.

    Please upload them. I am grateful to you.

  3. @fortress: it’s a good combination. This way for 500 $ you have something similar to the 3ds Max+Vray combo. The saving is huge.

  4. This is based on old 2.49 but its basically the same settings
    But Hey there is a new one at the CMI-VFX. Its called Blender to Vray-Settings..around 3 hours long.and based on 2.59 Blender
    Can someone upload here

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