18 comments on “Digital-Tutors : Creative Development: Visual Effects with 3ds Max and Pflow with Jacques Pena

  1. Thanks for the upload, but for those who haven’t downloaded it yet, don’t bother. It’s three hours of a guy saying “you know, basically, if you click here, you know, this kinda changes, you know” and “as you can see, basically, something weird happened, you know, but don’t worry, you know, cause basically we’ll fix it, you know”.

    You’ll learn more (in less time) by using PFlow on your own.

  2. Anybody upload this one

  3. nobody does pflow and 3ds max vfx better than allan mckay! as ‘Mark’ already testifies

  4. Sorry guys, this was the worst, unplanned, fly by the seat of your pants, unrehearsed, poorly presented tutorial I have every watched. Its basically a guy wasting your time by trying different things. This is not a tutorial, its a recording of a guy trying to learn max while you watch. Its horrible. Its a hit or miss video. A waste of 3 hours. Its free but you get what you pay for. GRRRRR this really sucked. A waste of time. Sorry.

  5. Thank you a lot

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