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41 comments on “Cebas psd-manager 3.0

  1. I have a problem with the crack….when i try to apply crack the program say that the ” cannot open files! Please close licence manager!” but the licence manager its close and in the task manager there isnt any program..


  3. Thanks man, it’s amazing.
    I have psd 2 (for max 2010) working in max 2011. How I install this do?
    overinstall ? … uninstall old and install new ?

  4. steps “install.txt” are wrong. I have followed these and it has worked.

    1. Instal IP-clamp 1.2, *DO NOT REBOOT* and *DO NOT EXECUTE IT*!
    2. Fire our keygen,
    3. Now you can reboot and make sure ipclamp service is running.
    4. Launch IP-Clamp.exe and choose ‘localhost’ as primary networkadapter, apply.
    5. Create a request file using your personnal informations
    and a licence code generated by our keygen.
    6. Use keygen to generate a valid licence ipclamp.lic from this request.
    Save the lic where except in IPClamp’s dir (otherwise you won’t
    be able to import the it).
    7. Fire our keygen, press Crack and pick Cebas/Ip-clamp dir.
    (only the public crypto key will be patched)
    8. Import your licence in IP-Clamp.
    9. Install every Cebas plug-ins you need.
    10. Enjoy it!

  5. i cant get it working… i get an error with the crack at
    this point: 7. Fire our keygen, press Crack and pick Cebas/Ip-clamp dir.
    (only the public crypto key will be patched)

  6. I had the same problem (Please close licence manager) and I fixed following those steps:

    1. Install ip-clamp v1.2 (not v1.3) and do not reboot the computer and do not start the ip-clamp.exe.

    2. Right click on your computer, choose manage and go to the services.

    3. Find cebas ip-clamp in the list and stop the service.

    4. Start up xforce keygen and choose to patch the ip-clamp exe, just navigate to the folder where ip-clamp is installed and patch it.

    5. Go back to the services and start up the ip-clamp service.

    6. Click start > Programs > and find the cebas ip-clamp.exe and run it.

    7. In the first tab, choose localhost as your primary network adapter and press apply.

    8. In the second tab, fill in all the fields, eg. Name, mail and so on, and put in a serial generated from the keygen and add it to the request as well.

    9. When all fields are filled in, press the request button in the ip-clamp and save out the text file to your computer.

    10. Now, use keygen to generate a valid licence file from this request file. Just import the textfile to the keygen, and save out the ipclamp.lic. Don’t save the lic in the ip-clamp root directory. Create a new folder called License under the ip-clamp dir and save the lic in there, or save the file where you want, just not under the root dir (where ip-clamp.exe is).

    11. Back to the last tab in ip-clamp, import the lic. It can take a few seconds, but after that, you see a dialogbox say Success, and the textbox should be filled with all valid licenses for all cebas plugins.

    12. Close everything, and install all cebas plugins you want to use, and enjoy…

    • thanks alan , i searched everywhere for this IPCLAMP CRACK , thank you so much , keep the good things up


  7. Any of you guys using 3ds max design 2012 64bit?
    I am, and I’ve been struggling. Installed it, cracked it and when I go into 3ds max PSD manager does not want to show up in the effects tab.
    Please someone help!

    • Some times the installation, made a new folder in Program Files
      in this folder you have 2 folders and 1 text files.
      1.- Copy the 2 folder inside the right 3ds max root directory
      ( Cebas , UI),
      2.- Whit notepad edit the text file named “plugin” inside the 3ds max root directory, add the information below the same title [Directories] and [HELP]

  8. O yeah wheres my manners, shotalot to the uploader!
    Been waiting for this one…

  9. Hello!
    I have a plugin CEBAS finaltoon official. The ip-clamp is installed and contains my license finaltoon.
    Does anyone know if crack ip-clamp again erase my official license?
    thank you

  10. My is not working
    when I have to import licence it says:
    licence copied, dynamic reload failed
    any help?

    • try restart ur PC and right klik open IP Clamp as administrator…

  11. Hi there ! I’ve followed Allan’s instructions, but even with the ip-clamp service turned off, i always got the same fucking message ” Cannot open files! Please close license manager! ” Tried to open the crack in administrator mode, but nothing changed … Any idea ( PS: i’m on W-7 64bits … this thing really starts to turn me off !!!!! )

  12. I’m running into the exact same problem as hugon. I’ve followed Allan’s instructions to the letter, but I can’t get past step 4, since the crack still gives me that same message. I, too, am on Windows 7 x64. I’ve since uninstalled it until we can get a resolution to this. Please help?what can we do about it?

  13. hiiii when i cracked and select prgramfiles/cebas/ipclamp error!!!!!

    cannot open files!
    please close licence manager!
    license manager already close:(((((((((((( where is the problem:(((((((((

    • Try running your computer in safe mode , i have managed to do it this way

    • I konow it s to late
      but you just need
      right click on the barra of Desktop
      then choise
      Start Task Manager

      and you search the Ipclamp
      choice it and then end the process


  14. guys how to make it work on 3ds max 2012 i have cracked the ip-clamp and i had all issues done
    but when i press 8 and go into effects in 3ds max 2012 i don’t have the osd manager parameters !!1

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