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32 comments on “Elephorm – Learn Modo 501 – Volume 3 – French

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  1. merciiii!!!!!thxxxx!!!!! wating for torrent on cgpeerrrrrrrrrrs >.<!!!

    • Well, thank you.
      It is very useful, because it is NOT in english.
      Fresh air among dresful smells.


  2. I understand that this is a good program falling way short of being like C4d or Maya but until there are like a thousand tutorials in ENGLISH that cover all the things it can do even if they are limited it will never become a real challenge to even 3ds Max. It is a spin off of Lightwave and Light wave is back with their release 11 so Unless there are MAJOR improvements in MODO fast I doubt it sticks around for long.

    • Lightwave is stuck with aging technology. Modo is a new company that started fresh. It’s very different from Lightwave. Modo is focused on Sub-D modeling. Because it’s focused on modeling, it has become the best Sub-D program in the market.
      The reason people use Modo is because they can’t do what they want with Maya and Max. Max is stuck with aging technology. Every year Max adds features that crashes the program. AutoDesk knows this and is building a new program in house the replace Max. Why wait for a beta that will never come when you can use Modo now?

    • Modo will be around for a while. Its pretty easy to learn. I learned how to use it by going to youtube (thanks apple soldier!). Its got a fast ass renderer, cutmill clark, best modeling tools ever. And this is the first, maybe second modo tut that ive run into in french. I think that i actually learn more from tutorials in other languages. Im not really sure why. You really dont need to know what the person is saying to understand a tutorial. You should just WATCH the tutorial, and consider that this”French” tutorial, might give you a different view on how to see things.


  4. Hey Frenchies :) Bonjour
    Can any one of you translate this and add a voice over and upload. That would be great for many of ENGLISH only bunches out here.


    • @Macker
      We the Frenchies , we have better things to do with our time. The rest of the internet is anglo anyway. Only 1% of tutorials are in French.Quit moaning people.


    • Bonjour Macker, Hallo Babydoll
      Coud any of you translate translate tutorials from English in our native languages add a voice over and upload. That would be great for many of NATIVE only bunches out here, WHO ARE VERY TIRED OF THIS BLOODY ENGLISH which you try to impose everywhere.
      Yankees. go home!
      And stay there…

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  6. ahahaha, dlja menja tseravno, a huli v? dumali, vsevo harosovo, nu vot kak palutsilas, nu nitsevo, b?vajet i uze

  7. french is so romantiiiic ahahah !
    thanks a lot and waiting for the 2 first volumes
    I used max 10 years ago and after 10 years it still a big cumbersome thing, always the same heavy shit
    modo rocks and the UI is so nice !!

  8. Hi French guy with no time !!!

    If you think and defend things like that why don’t you stay just in french for the tutorials and see how you can learn just with the %1 you have.

    My main language it’s spanish and I can speak and write English also but do not ask me to learn french just for a couple of tutorial.. instead of that…todays it is more useful to learn chinese or mandarin. to catch a really big piece of the cake of %25 of the internet.

    The guys just asked if some one can perform a translation…. do not be rude telling us your time it is more valuable than a hand to help someone.

    I rather need to stress you with that kind of position to denay help you wont be lucky at any position in the artistic field so do not spect to do much by learning that tutorials when you must learn life values first.

    French people have developed incredible things for the world so please, do not degrade the image of your country with your selfish position.

    • It is probably because we do not consider to be born, to live to serve and to make happy American and British, two criminal folks, who murder and plunder everywhere. And impose their bloody “style of “life”” including ther fuckin language.
      So you like to lick their ass, it is YOUR happiness. we want them to stay home and take their language with them. Your like you contry to be American colony, we are nor.

    • You miss the point . They didn’t just ask for a “french translation” , they waltzed into this thread complaining how people are posting french as if it “should be in english”. Because they feel comfortable with it.Um.. excuse me , do you want any fries and mayonnaise with that too ?

      If a post is in english. I’d dl the tutorial or leave it and I won’t complain.At best I will beg ( I know its a favour ) for a megaupload download. But the brits and americans ( and their australian minion ) think they can demand we serve them their pudding on a silver plate. Those anglosaxons can be outrageously arrogant . You guys know the French are not pandering to anyone. We will leave that to the Dutch , they want to be the 55th american state.They can cater to your every whim .

  9. Since this is not really a beginner tutorial (or at least supposedly not so) , people already a bit familiar with Modo should not have that much difficulty following it, even if it’s french. Even more so since the techniques shown are quite common, no “lightbulb” moments/revelations there.

  10. Hi there
    i am really sad to post here for that reason,
    but when i see that kind of so bad, idiotic post from Leo T , i must react.
    First of all i am french too, but if you can’t ever live with or by side of others, just kill yourself and shut the f..f.
    Poor intolerant (surelly young) man, you need to learn life as someone else tell you, and use your brain in positive way not like now, you tell them to go home and stay there, but the software here is american, so if you don’t like them don’t use it, stay with french products… ha ha! you will run far…
    But don’t present you as french people, because you deshonore your country acting like this.

  11. why French?!!!

    don’t u see .. most of us can understand English not French..

    • +1 Agree.
      I still can’t believe how people can be so ignorant. Please no more xenophobe-pro-french speech like this it’s a shame for our country (yes I m french too).
      Thanks for the tuto.

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