9 comments on “Luxology Modo 501 SP6 Win/Mac

  1. Anyone knows how to download assets, materials etc from luxology web site? There was a trick for that i know.

  2. There some instability issues with this version of modo WIN64, also some models became corrupt go figure. looking whats wrong in luxo forums maybe a driver issue from my part, but it seams its the buggiest release at least to me. Save a backup of of models just to be sure. There some weird results on some saving of files.

  3. Does anyone know how to install the kits and packages into Modo? The files I get from the torrent site contain a lot of deep folders with packed files (.dmg, .gz), in wich folder should I put these?
    Thankfull for any help I can get with this because I’d really like to try the Package Design and Construction Kit.

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