21 comments on “Eat3D – Autodesk MotionBuilder – Motion Capture Production Pipeline

  1. Please upload this http://eat3d.com/blog/eat-3d/3-new-dvd-releases-cryengine-3-materials-vol-1-3-introduction-and-application

  2. Thanks a lot;the only issue here no seeders….come on people….torrent is the way to go.

  3. Thank you for the fine work guys. I need the password. It would be greatly appreciated. Once again. Thank you for everything.

  4. I figured it out. It’s CGPersia. Yet again, thanks for the fine work.

  5. thanks admin really u can read our mind what we want thanks a lot..

  6. if possible please upload a torrentz of the gnomon workshop 3s creature devlopment master class with alex alverz

    please reaply..

    • let me get this straight….
      you want us get $349 from our pocket,pay for it, upload and bring it for free to you?
      sure…anything else? maybe some fries with extra ketchup…..

  7. krrish: no way for alvarez new creature development! this is stuff, you actually have to buy

  8. Thank You! this is really gonna help out. You are the best guys!!!

  9. I canĀ“t download the part 2 of the program. I try in all the links but no one works. HELP.

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