12 comments on “SmithMicro Anime Studio Pro v8.2 Win/Mac

  1. Where is the changelog in the website? There is something new or is just bugs fixeds?

      • If you dont know the answer just dont answer stupid things lol
        I searched in the website but didnt found where the hell are they changelog. There is no problem in asking for help when you dont know something.

        • There`s a lot of people like this prick, they have nothing useful to say, but the ass itches for type something, so don`t mind. By the way, I also look about the changes and don`t find nothing. If you find, please, let me know!

  2. Awful program, one for animators not keen on actually draw.
    If your serious about learning traditional animation give this a miss !

    • Yeah, Toon Boom is a way better than this. But this one isnt so bad. Its very cheap and easy to use. Its also really fast to make some small animations for projects or presentations.

  3. It’s written soon for the torrent…. I really would enjoy this torrent !!!! Thank you for your help. I’m so excited to try it !!!!!

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