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157 comments on “ADOBE CS6 MASTER COLLECTION Win/Mac – X-FORCE

  1. I got this from tpb and came across this forum. I’ve done this a few times before (photoshop for ex) and I remember dl the trial just like I have now. I unplugged my pc and go to setup the master collection and the adobe dl assistant insists I login. Am I supposed to start the instructions (unplug) after I’ve logged in and download everything or is there a different downloader I should use. I’m generally pretty good at following directions so I apologize bc iknow this has got to be something simple that’s eluding me.

  2. Hi, I’ve tried to install Adobe CS6 by following the instructions but I’ve a problem, each time I open an Adobe software when I’m connected to Internet, there’s a message : Serial is not available and so, I can’t use any software… Someone can help me ?

    Thanks !

  3. I’ve had this for a while now but my question to anyone that knows is.
    Can I update this without issues?? I have retina display so I want the latest version optimized for retina.. Thanks!

  4. Props! This worked without problem. It took me a little while to find the offline activation part but otherwise has been fantastic. For step 4 I had to open application, then under help click update/register (something like that) and then found the offline registration part. Updates without any problems. Thanks!

    My question is: should I put in my adobe ID or leave that as always not associated/blank? And does adding Adobe ID really contribute anything to the experience?

  5. Hi.
    Great work.
    If u are using MAC version then plz. use this in 1) from the HOW TO GUIDE

    For Mac OSX

    1.Disable your Network card or pull the network cable out.
    And make sure you dont have any of those entries in your hosts file
    Open Terminal (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal)
    Write this without the () ($ sudo nano /private/etc/hosts) ENTER, OR (cd /private/etc/) ENTER and then (sudo pico hosts) ENTER
    Enter ur password (the password u use to type when u install apps on a mac)
    Delete em and save.

    Working fine and have updated with no problems.

    Someone thats maybe have a invite to the torrents page !?

  6. keygen has a high risk threat. download this crap at your own risk

  7. can’t find keymaker for mac. even the ‘mac’ download is an .exe file. anyone got a link?

  8. keygen does not work with the request code and activation?? pls help

  9. Im a idiot! And i did it! Working great. That i did was to edit the hosts file in terminal and ctr+o and ctr+x . I think that is the way to go. And yes on a mac.

  10. No virus, my apologies Ir0nboy. Working 100%. Thank you very much! :D

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