31 comments on “Headus UVLayout Pro v2.08.00 Win – Mac – Linux – Including Keygen

  1. Wow… It has been awhile since the last version was released. Thanks Alot.

  2. Hi everyone!
    Thank you very much for the post… but my Avast says the key-generator has a virus.
    Have you noticed the same?


  3. > how to use the crack
    With wisdom, bro. That’s not a crack, though. That’s a keygen. Think about it.

  4. wonderful,,, for the keygen works, you have to open it on a windonws and copy the “ether” number provided by the headus uvlayout licensing window past it in the xforce Ether ID and press generate, that past back the key generated into the key windonw that apears when you press edit in the licensing window.
    easy, easy, thanks lord

  5. apologies,
    Both links when downloaded contain blank zip files.
    Am I missing something?
    Thank you

  6. AVG shows virus, Trojan horse Generic10.ANUO anyone else had this?

  7. Hi

    I don?t know if anyone can help me but… This keygen gives me a false positive, I know that for a fact, i?m using AVG. But even when I disable the antivirus and after I installed the application, when I run the keygen it gives me an error stating “UVLayout2_KG.exe has stopped working”… I messed with compatibility mode, file permissions and even ran the program as administrator and nothing…

    Does anyone has a turnaround for this problem or can explain me why this happens?

    Thx guys :)

  8. Help!!!…When I extract the files from the .rar the KG disappears….

  9. I’m using a Mac. Could you please post how to generate it? I’m new.


  10. if avg identifies it as viruses or trojan it’s because avg identifies any .exe like malware, I recommend use another antivirus like nod.

  11. Keygens will always give what is called a false positive, with any anti-virus software

    • Run Action center, (the flag next to the clock panel), go to Security, and switch off av/spyware/malware detection. Then try to open.

      • Hi I’m not able to turn the spyware off I did not see any switch off button. How do you turn it off? Thanks!

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