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  1. better than other sites where douchebags try to sell cracks. grats to CGP for keeping in the spirit of what the scene is about.

  2. Really men, you’re fucking awesome. Thanks Ir0nboy and thanks to Xforce too.

    • only shader swatch is marked, render is is without mark, atleast on default rez.

      • Would you explain how we can run rlm server.

        In readme file, it says:
        7/ Launch RLM license manager with “rlm -c solidangle.lic” or install as a service “rlm -install_service -c solidangle.lic”

        I ran ( rlm -install_service -c “C:\RLM_Licensing\solidangle.lic” ) without parentheses in command window but it gives me this error:

        Error: -dlog is required with -install_service

        Any idea?

        • I installed the RLM service by running the following command:
          rlm -install_service -dlog “C:\RLM_Licensing\mylog.txt” -c
          You also only need to specify the license file after the -c syntax if you have more than 1 license file in that folder. After running this command you will have to go to your Services panel under the Administrative Tools of your Control Panel to start the service.

          • Thanks for answering,

            I managed to run the RLM server, it’s running but I still have watermark on my renders.

            What am I missing here?

            • Metoo! We need someone who can help us for get rid of watermark or when rendering is looks slow and crap. Please help us guys, if u know how to. Thank.

            • Odd. I render and I have no watermarks, just the materials in the Hypershade that shows a watermark. Sorry I can’t be of much more help.

            • Can you make tutorial video and post it on youtube. I think that would be very helpful because they are having hard to time to understand and it wouldn’t be fair if someone figured out and not telling them. So if you can then we thank you.

            • I created an install video that shows me going through the whole install and doing a test render without any watermarks. Scroll down for the link.

    • Make sure your firewall doesn’t block the RLM Server from
      Accessing and checking ports
      It works like a charm!

  3. anyone creating video tutorial for crack
    taked link here for hlp all guys

    10NX ALL

    • A video tutorial to tell you how to use a crack? there is a txt file! isn’t that enough? if your answer is no, shut down your pc!

  4. Is it just me or does the 2013 version not work? 2011 and 2012 versions works just fine.

      • Ugh. This just sucks. I got it to work on both Maya 2011 x64 and Maya 2012 x64. So I’m pretty sure that everything else works fine. I’ll give my machine a reboot and hope it’s Winblows acting up. Thanks though Mumbo.

        • Nevermind. Figured it out. The Maya environment file had the PATH option specified twice in it. I just consolidated them and now it’s working fine. The PATH was specified twice because one of my other plugins also specified it, so this installer created a second entry.

  5. I’m too lazy for creating a video tutorial, but maybe a Mumboish translation of an original X-Force text helps a little bit:
    Instructions for running it under Maya 2013 x64 win7:

    1. Unzip/unrar the archived files and you will get all required files and folders that we need.
    2. Install the version for maya 2013, you can change the installation path to wherever you want, ok maybe not every where but its completely ok if you want it to be installed on your E:program files bla bla….
    3. When installation is finished, create a folder named RLM inside of the installation directory. for example:

    4. Extract the contents of the file named \arnold_license_win64.rar\ which is inside the licensing folder of your downloaded files to the RLM folder that you have just created….

    5. IMPORTANT STEP: now go to path, as an example:
    and open the file called \mtoa.mod\ inside a text editor…
    then change the original path which is after the texts \+ mtoa any\
    to where you installed your arnold, for example:
    + mtoa any E:SolidAnglemtoadeploy3
    save and overwrite the existing .mod file.

    6. Having you xforce keygen opened up as an administrator, press \generate\ and a dialog opens which tells you to give it a path to save the licensing data files into and as you probably guessed you should choose the same path as your RLM folder which in my case is:

    7. again with your x-force crack opened as an administrator click patch and point to your bin directory which in my case is:

    8. First lunch the rlm.exe file in your RLM folder and then open the maya app, double check to see if it loaded the mtoA plugin properly and supposing it did, you should now be able to see Arnold Renderer inside of your render settings, as one of the primary render engines….

    9. Select it and if you have an antivirus/firewall app you should allow the RLM.exe to communicate whether by the dialog boxes that these softwares opens at the time like this or by manually going through your antivirus software’s settings.

    10. Now if everything is correctly configured you should be able to render your scenes with Arnold and without any limitations such as watermarks etc.

  6. how can i find crack for 3ds max 13? i have the trial from autodesk for 30 days.

  7. I Installed for maya 2012, bus it doesn’t apear in the plug-in list, and when I try to load it manually. I have erros and the application is closed.

    what can I do.? I need a little help in here guys.


  8. If you can’t follow the instructions and you need a video tutorial to get the crack working then you should give up the 3d industry all together, right now “)

    • Well thats true, but it wouldn’t be fair that u got it for free and plus you are not helping at all. Im not trying to let you down or anything like that. Im just telling you this because it wouldn’t be fair if we don’t have this plugin so what Im saying is that we need help, all we need is tutorial to get this plugin. If you can’t stand what people say for complaining about how to get rid of watermark or whatever, then help us! Thanks…

      • Dude, stop talking about “fair”. You lost you’re license to cry about about “fair” when you download pirated software to begin with. If you, or anyone else can’t understand that, then you are a fucking retard.

  9. I’m Too lazy for a video tutorial but here is Mumboish version of the x-force instructions for you guys, hope it will help:
    just remember to run anything, like the crack or RLM server as admin!

    • And I should add, if this instruction wasn’t helpful to solve your problem, then probably a video can’t solve it either, so what is the next steps:

      1. Rethink and redo the process from start to end, see if your machine is working properly, sometimes small errors in registry can cause lots of problems etc….
      2. Rethink of your existence in CG industry!

  10. http://nitrobits.com/file/A7FqlYNCjEM6Egp/Arnold_to_Maya_Install.rar

    This is a video tutorial I made of me installing the Arnold to Maya plugin for Maya 2013 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. You will notice that I blocked out certain sections of the screen at certain points. This is to protect my privacy. If you don’t like that, your problem.

    Download this ASAP because I WON’T upload it again if it gets taken down. Do NOT ask me to upload it to any other place like YouTube or Vimeo. I will simply ignore you.

    Hope it helps.

    • Thank you so much, we couldn’t get done without help. I’m sure everybody have same feelings as me. I used my other computer, But there is one small problem. I opened maya 2013 64x and loaded mtoa fom plugin. So i added a sphere with light from arnold tab and clicked Arnold rendered while rlm opened. The rendering is working but there is no sphere and no watermark, just black. So I add detail from hyper shade (ati or something like that) I clicked arnold rendered, it works but its look complete 2d flat with bunch of tiny dots in the circle. I felt like something is small missing. So I headed go back to website and type these done, hxxp://localhost:5054/home.asp in google chrome browser. Then i click on manage windows service on the left-side pane. Select ‘INSTALL service’ from the Service Action dropdown
      Click the apply button. So after that, It said error: failed services control manager something like that. But that’s odd because on my previous computer it should be said success after I apply. So I’m really this close. If you confuse, I can record my video and show it to you to see what I mean. Please help me, thank you.

  11. here worked fine on vista 64
    watermark only in materials
    when you install,
    look well to the responses of the crack …
    if he did not respond right does not help
    launch rlm

    tanks ironboy

  12. You need to learn to change directories in the cmd prompt

    You’ll also need to use the -dlog command when installing RLM as a service. A little bit of googling wont kill you.

    seriously though, this process is easy, and if you can’t hack it, drop it. I say that as a friend. You have no place in this industry, sorry
    Good luck children

    • If Marco would, say.. SELL the software, then you might have a point. Go ahead and TRY to find it for sale. Post a link. Give me a place to put a Paypal or Creditcard payment. Show me your Google-fu, friend. I’ll wait…

  13. so many ignorant unfortunate people using Maya instead of Softimage… it pains me :(

  14. maybe that´s true but there must be a reason why Maya is heavily used by big companies instead of softimage. Maybe if you compare it against Houdini
    I could totally agree.

  15. Reading the first 54 pages of its documentation and I can already see the enormous potentials behind this renderer, its so artist friendly and at the same time extremely powerful in its 0.18 version!
    And I’m gonna buy this thing someday!

    Thanks to xforce again and please watch for the future versions!

  16. Video tutorial please on how to make dreamworks renders…


  17. It is working great.
    Have you manage to do a render batch?
    I cant and have this message “Renderer “arnold” does not provide batch rendered options”

    • sorry the the question, I found the solution, in fact it is working perfectly it is just that there is no options with arnold batch.

      • How did you correct this problem? I have setup all my animation and ready to render but in Maya 2013 I get the error message “Renderer “arnold” does not provide batch rendered options” and in Maya 2012 it just doesn’t do anything. I can render still frames just cant use batch render. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      • Please…can you explaint me…how to batch redner in maya ( arnold )..tnx

  18. Dudes, this is great, but it took me few months for me to figure 3delight to the stage I can use it in production, and now just when I got comfortable, now i gotta figure this out…

    In the end I keep turning back to Mental Ray. maybe one day, when I get a chance to play with Renderman, I will eventually be forced to change my renderer.

    But also If there is displacement work to be done I do it with 3Delight ..

  19. Amigo el link esta caído por favor subilo de nuevo que me seria una gran ayuda gracias..

  20. You know crackhead it would honestly take someone who is just down right ignorant or a serious crackhead to think that the package you use in today’s 3d world matters in the least. It’s all about preferences. Show me one thing that you can accomplish in your package that can’t be accomplished in any other. Especially when using Autodesk where you can port between them seamlessly to use the features you like from the package you like. And if you feel your program is better and can do something not possible in another, do us all a favor and prove it in your work. If you cannot please stop the useless clamoring get over yourself and your belief that your likes should be that of everyone else.

  21. For install, do every word that Mumbo says up there. But we encounter problems to load the plugin in Maya2013 version.
    I’ve discovered a solution for this, changing the Maya.env file.

    Open the Maya.env file and create an environment variable typing:

    MAYA_MODULE_PATH = C:solidanglemtoadeploy3
    MAYA_RENDER_DESC = C:solidanglemtoadeploy3
    ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH = C:solidanglemtoadeploy3shaders
    MTOA_EXTENSIONS_PATH = C:solidanglemtoadeploy3extensions
    PATH = C:solidanglemtoadeploy3in

    Save the file and open the Maya2013. Now that should be able to load the Arnold Plugin. I hope that helps.

    PS: The Arnold render is AMAZING!

  22. Note: The directory bars does not appear here, even the numbers two thousand and thirteen, so, try figure out where put them.

  23. Watermark problem solved!!!! :)

    You need to run \rlm.exe\ located in your \c: solidangle\ folder, run \rlm.exe\ and then run your \maya\….

    you are done…

    note: if you close \rlm.exe\ then angain you will get watermarks…

    • Sorry if you don’t understand what i wrote here: :P

      here is the clear version: run “rlm.exe” then run “maya”


  24. I’v got error on rlm ”You are attempting to run the server on virtual machine” Im using win7 64bit (not virtual)!
    Anyone have same problem????

  25. Anyone up for some help to us Mac retards? can’t seem to get the plugin installed.

  26. Hello guys,
    sorry for posting here, but i’m stuck. I’ve downloaded the mac version, http://cgpersia.com/2013/03/solidangle-maya-to-arnold-mtoa-v0-22-1-winmac-xforce-28344.html,
    but i can’t make Arnold to work, and i don;t see the plugin either in Maya 2012. Could someone kindky please provide step by step installation instructions? i followd the text instructions, but as i’m unexperienced with terminal commands or scripts, i’m really confused :( , please, i’d be grateful for any help, thnks in advance, cheers! :)

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