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  1. That was fast.. i think that we could give some respect for authors and not public tutorials for 2weeks after release. πŸ™‚

    • I think that delaying the publication on cgp is not a solution. Ppl wld be just waiting until their anticipated tut shows up here. I highly esteem Eat3d and Viscorbel releases, so if I find a certain tutorial helpful and informative i buy it post factum – for example i purchased old damage pillar, both fountain dvds, and hard surface modelling techniques in zbrush 1&2. I’m not gonna lie, they’re expensive, yet worth their price.

  2. Why are people using Maya instead of Softimage is beyond my ability to comprehend. I guess it’s because this industry is like a religion. If you grow up being indoctrinated to believe that your God is the true god, then you’ll listen to nothing else but the inner prejudiced voice: “maya is the best because it’s the most used in film industry, maya is the best because it’s the most used in film industry, …”. And the ingnorance and misinformation in religion *ahem* CGI industry goes on.

    • Just like you have been indoctrinated into believing that xsi is good for animation… if you knew a thing (or even a half) about animation, you would know that the principals and techniques apply to all kinds of them, irrespective of software, the choice of which ultimately boils down to personal preference and comfort level… tell me a thing that you can do in xsi and not in maya? oh, but well, people like you who will NEVER EVER learn 3d will always have their “indoctrinated” opinions to pass on to people who, for one, didnt ask your opinion in the first place. Go waste your dad’s money and your own time on something else since animation, clearly, is not meant for you…

      • I have not been indoctrinated, I worked in “all” (Maya, Softimage and 3dsMax). And I mean really worked not like the guy below who didn’t get past navigation in viewport.
        I know principles of animations apply eveywhere dummy and this is not in discussion. I bet I know more 3d than you’ll ever know.
        I was expecting this kind of response. It’s exactly like going on a religious forum and telling them they most probably are wrong and there’s no evidence for God. The shit storm is the same.
        I earn my own living and my dad is dead you idiot. Oh and I earn my living from doing 3d. Can yo say the same?

        • “I bet I know more 3d than you’ll ever know.” lol, yeah, of course, we believe you.. and that’s why you are here lurking in a thread on basics of animation… sure… keep chiding yourself… i bet you can model a cube in 3d and apply a checkered pattern to it- there you go, we have “Crackhead” – the master of 3d modeling and texturing… your arguments convince me more and more that 3d is not ur cup of tea… nah… nada.. zip.. you are, in all lielihood, some 65 year old clerk sitting behind a pile of dusty files and looking for alternate means to amuse yourself… thats what you are!

          sorry bout ur dad though….

  3. Fact for Maya people, did you know:
    – that in Softimage you can still model (move vertices, ad more poly, bevel, extrude, etc) a character even after it has been enveloped?
    – every blend shape you create and apply to a model is further editable (as above)
    – Softimage has a philosophy of “non linear workflow” meaning that you can return to step 1 anytime and edit without ruining step 5 for example?
    Try it you dummy!

      • Yet again the “argument of authority”. How predictable. We use Maya because everybody else (big studios) is using it. This is called doctrine my friend. Studios are using it because you use it. And you use it because studios are using it. See the circular logic here? Hm, I somehow doubt it and I have the feeling you’ll appeal to another ad-hominem instead of addressing the points I’ve made above about non-linear workflow.

    • XSI from its very begining was developed by Quebecers (Softimage co. was founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada). Quebec is mostly populated by Francophiles – the major language there is French, they all love French cuisine, and just like French ppl in Europe, they all try demonstrate they otherness alike superiority over the others (including the non-French speakers inside the Canada). XSI (or Autodesk Softimage to be precise) is not an exception. I tried it once, and i get frustrated by the viewport navigation shortcuts, as far as i remember it goes like that:
      – z+lmb to pan
      – z+mmb/rmb to zoom in/out
      – o or p+lmb to rotate
      WTH?! CLDN’T THEY JUST CREATE A VARIATION OF REGULAR SHORTCUTS WITH ALT, CTRL AND SHITF, JUST LIKE IN ANY OTHER 3D PACKAGE? I’m not telling that XSI is rubbish, but for a lot of multi-platform users it’s just too confusing. And the navigation is not the only reason why. I can work with 3ds Max, Maya, Modo and Blender, but I found XSI too annoying to be worth adding it to my toolkit. (Although I remember that a loooong time ago, Softimage released a gaming modding tool based on the XSI, but eventually its popularity was rather insignificant;))

      • Same here, buddy.. I can work effortlessly with Max, Maya and Blender, but not softimage… tried playing around with it once, but it just didnt seem to register all that well… and even if u wanted to learn it, where are the tuts? no-one cares for this piece of crap, at least no one that matters does…

        • “where are the tuts?” ahahaha
          Says the guy that tells me I’ll never learn 3d. Tuts is the only way he’s able to accumulate new information. How pathetic.
          And if you’d really want to learn, you’d find tuts as well. Not as many as other software, but enough for a self-taught person, but that’s not you it seems.

          • I have taught more 3d professionals than the number of times you have hit the “undo” button on your favorite softimage… thats one of the reasons i am on the lookout for newer and quality tutorials- if there’s something that adds another dimension to the way i teach or better, easier examples to use in my classes… but then, a 3d noob like you wouldn’t understand that anyway…

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRm0ZsqGSo0&feature=plcp
              Made in 2007. Now I’m way better. Now show me one of your animations.

          • I hate getting to down to a level (a lowly one, like the one u r used to), just to prove a point, but u know, for once i will as i said, i am an instructor.. here are a couple examples:



            Unlike ur example, it has my name on it! and even if that youtube example was from you, it was plain bad.. a pathetic example.. a piece of crack.. it sucked… SUCKED… S.U.C.K.E.D.. B.I.G. T.I.M.E… go learn some real stuff, loser…

          • lol.. GROW UP.. all that age, and it hasn’t knocked AN IOTA OS SENSE INTO YOU? you pathetic, miserable, loser….

      • Ever tried to read the documentation dummy?
        Just use ‘S’ key instead of ALt dummy. It’s more ergonomic for the hand. You know even have Maya interaction system for dummies like you.

        • aah, now i see the logic behind you getting yourself this nick – CRACKHEAD .. CRACK + HEAD = CRACKHEAD … so what happens when you CRACK your HEAD? your BRAINS spill out… and you start talking CRAP.. you should request the mods/admin to change ur nick over here: from CRACKHEAD to CRAPHEAD…

      • And Chandan, what a piece of nasty unpleasant piece of uneducated shit you are.

      • what a big deal ?!
        put your finger on “s” instead of “alt – ctrl – shift . . . “

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  5. Thanks for the upload CG Blogger.
    Guys!; no need to get all nasty with each other, whatever Software you feel comfortable with is your choice. It’s that simple.

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  7. For the people interested in what can be done in Softimage (and not possible in Maya for example) watch a few videos about ICE here:


  8. Yes, links to forums with pictures = animations therefore you = instructor = awesome. Anybody can be an instructor as long as he finds other retards to watch him. You’re an idiot as a person and you equal 0 in 3d unless proven otherwise.

    • those are actually links to videos, asshole, but unfortunately the server’s dead.. but anyone with an ability to read, and with some common sense (which you have already showed is something you dont possess) would read through the comments below to see what it means… no more wasting time with retards… keep up your antics, you stinking piece of shit…

      • watch here and stfu, you can kiss my legs later:

    maya and xsi and 3ds max and c4d and houdini and modo are for noobs !!!
    and blender is free so yeah it’s the best! I love it
    BLENDER 4 EVER!!!!

    • TO ALL THE XSI AND MAYA FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS: you can kiss my dirty butt HA HA HA
      switch to BLENDER before it’s too late!!!!

  10. LOL. this Chandan guy and Amber Cooper both are the same person. I have seen and experienced enough to say that their are a class of people who take tuition at nights and teach others in the mornings just to show that he knows the subject. One of the instructors in my class even went on so far that she claimed Digital Tutors’ final renders and files as her own project. I hinted that I know about Digital Tutors and she was embarrassed. Chandan are you someone like that ?

    This Chandan guy is from India and so am I, so I know people here learn what they are taught. Ask him what is non linear non destructive workflow and he will have to search the internet for an answer. While using Maya I miss some things I find in Softimage. But huge userbase is the only thing I miss when I am using Softimage. Userbase doesn’t make Maya the uber software.

    Softimage has sticky keys, meaning you can swap between two tools instantly. Who was the first to have smooth binding option. Who was the first to have IK. If you can’t remember to use S instead of alt perhaps you aren’t even fit to be an instructor. In Max you and Amber Cooper πŸ™‚ are happy to play the piano just to Zoom or Orbit but you can’t remember the single S key.

    And at last, mind your language when you are in the real world, just because there is little chance of someone knocking your teeth off for insulting him in a blog it doesn’t mean people won’t in the real world.


    • Thank you and very good points. These poor ignorant individuals live in their bubble called Maya. They can’t see beyond that because the number of studios using Maya is much larger than the ones using Sofitmage.

      Guess what Mayans, most people on Earth are religious and believe in one God or the other/s but when you get down to the matter there’s none or at least nothing demonstrable, only the bubble and this bubble exists in every filed of profession.

      The bubble is so common almost universal.

    • Now, for other people that are reading this and think why the “hate”.
      I have both altruistic – getting you to open your eyes a little more – and sefilsh reasons:

      the big fat money hungry Autodesk has taken all the team from Softimage and assigned to Maya. Now guess why is that? It’s because they did a great job with Softimage (which is believe it or not a class or two above Maya) and now want to “stitch” Maya here and there, or develope new technologies. Why did they take Softimage team to do this? You have to keep repeating that question in your mind until it registers.

      Autodesk doesn’t care which software is better. They’re like organized religion (again, this comparison works great) and the only thing they know is to how to make more money. When you have a group of (indoctrinated) people, the way to obtain more money is to tell them what they want to hear: Maya is the best!

      Do yourselves a favor and try Softimage. I mean really try it, model, rig and animate a complete character before you stop and say “that’s it, I’m done trying”.

      Happy 3d-ing all!

  11. – Maya the great
    – Softimage is a dead horse that everybody should stop beating
    – 3dshitMax a pathetic broken toy

    • agree about 3ds max, they should give up trying to improve that crap software, whit each version it get slower and buggiier

  12. so chidish talk.why the hate?i am a maya user since version 2.before that i was in love with softimage 3d 3.7.you are right softimage is wonderfull!when you use a tool it`ll get you where you want by default.In maya you have to dig a section of parameters and it might be a tick that does what you want it to do but you`ll spend hours trying to figure out what happens,if you are new to it ofc.soft has lots of depth but it`s hidden for our good.the reason i still use maya?spacebar!!!hotbox,marking menus,ctrl shift modelling marking menus, the g and y key repeat last tool and command or to put it simply workflow.i have to make fewer moves(maybe more clicks,lol)with my pen.i also tried modo 601 and liked it a lot!And i tried modo because i am sick of the policy of autodesk that buys every company that does development for their software and integrates the plugin as a new feature.modo does real development and adds tons of new cool features.it`s a new program built with some user friendly tools that work.but i am still using maya and the reason is what i said before.i am faster with it,it`s second nature,and i think the ideas behind it`s concepts should be applied to other software.have you seen modo`s promotional videos?check the character animation tools like pose!3ds max is the exact opposite of maya in terms of workflow.but another guy might find that way of working more suited to his style.so to sum up we all love our software for our own reasons,but i don`t think that`s the right way to advertise your favorite xsi,Love!

  13. LOL hahaha nice..
    Guys! Guys! EVERY SOFTWARE IS GREAT! Everything depends on your skill. Even in paint people can create cool pictures. πŸ™‚

  14. Guys, Guys, first think of what studio you want to work for, and then stick to a software which is the most popular in the market and studios. Chances are that you will learn something new or their indoor software if you land a job in big studio. Currently, Maya ranks first among 3d software in terms of users and animation tools (not best features). You know Maya, you have more chance and hold priority to get a job than others (but it may depends on studio preference of choices). Rumors leaks that Autodesk plans to stop the development of 3Ds Max and Softimage and thrust them into Maya. Once again Maya is Maya fans, Softimage is softimage fans, and 3D Max is for 3D Max fans. I work in a game company of about 600 people and we use them 3, but our main pipeline and mainstream application is Maya.

  15. I anticipated the \why the hate\ (see above) πŸ™‚
    Of course you’re more accustomed with the software you use more frequently, but this is not in discussion. I’m talking about real measurable features and workflows here. For example:
    in Softimage if you have a character that’s rigged and enveloped (skinned) and want to add another limb, no problem, you mute the envelope operator and go nuts with modeling. Re-enable the env. op. and adjust the weights to the new added geometry. In Maya you’re f***ed, you have to redo all skinning, is it not?
    This is the kind of stuff that makes Softimage a great software with a modern core (unlike Maya or 3ds Max), not how accustomed you are with shortcuts and menus. I’m pretty sure you find people in any software that say they work best in that particular software, but feature are measurable, therefore this way we need to approach comparison between software in an unbiased manner.
    I could come with more examples of why is Softimage with its non-linear workflow a great software without even going into what you can do with ICE (procedural modeling and animation, rigging, deformations, etc.) and you cannot even dream to be able to do in Maya.
    Unfortunately people have no clue about these thing and they live in their bubble thinking they’re working with the best software there is, Maya.
    Not sure if Softimage is the best, but I’m pretty sure it’s better than Maya. Houdini might be the best of all, although not the friendliest by far.

  16. You dont have to redo skinning, there is save weights map and import for that.

    • “One things you should know about this feature having used it recently.

      it’s great if you are exporting the weights out making tweaks to the existing character mesh ie: moving the existing verts around NOT adding new ones as Maya will wig out, because it will look at the old topology for where to put the weights from the map created. Adding new geometry will confuse it big time

      To use it though is quite simple Select your character and go to : Animation/Skin/Edit Smooth Skin/Export Skin Weight Map option box. There you can export your map to what ever siza you want and file format. to re-apply it to your character same method, select your character and go to : Animation/Skin/Edit Smooth Skin/Import Skin Weight Map option box. Select your Weight Map file, but make sure that your tweaked character has the same name as the old one otherwise Maya will get confused.”

      A quote from a forum. So again, adding an arm in Maya onto an already rigged character involves redoing skinning unless it has changed in the last version/s but I somehow doubt it.

      • It’s preferable not to use export/import weights for that. Model your character with the new arm/geometry and bring it into the scene with the correct weighted old character, then bind it too. Then select the geo with correct weights, then the new geo, then go to Copy Skin Weights.

  17. I work in a huge studio and our main 3D tool is BLENDER.
    I can assure you that Blender is the best 3D animation software out there.
    It beats 3ds Max, Softimage, Maya and all other animation applications easily.
    BLENDER is the best 3D animation software out there and it’s free.
    No other software can offer you the awesome features and ease of use that Blender can.

  18. Can’t we argue about something more important like what’s better, a PC or a Mac?

  19. Maya for Maya fans, max for max fans, softimage for softimage fans, blenders for blender fans. You guys suck. From Directors and producers perspective, they do not give a damn shit about Maya, Max, Softimage or blenders,you fool. You cannot give them the result they expected with your piece of shit software, your asses will be kicked out. You can keep on arguing. Also, Blender guys is good and I like open-source myself. In fact, we use linux (Redhat/Fedora) at work, however, the problem with such free software is that it feeds on community feedbacks and donations. Unless you have constant active community, then Blender will grow to become one of the best. If not, you can expect the result. That is why most studios do not want to risk such things. Good luck with your studio, and I hope you will not come to the state of Cinerella-which is very dead now. Small studios will be very strict with their software of choices (Maya, Max, Softimage or blender (quite weird)) because they do not have good programmer to control the pipeline. Big studios do not worry about that much because they have tons of programmers ready to pipleline any data from any software package to work seamlessly. So, boasting about this and that, live your life up to the market demands.

  20. Crackhead:
    Are you thick in the head? Think again when those studio like Pixar, ILM, Digital Domain, Frame-Store, and more have Maya Department bigger than other 3d departments? They have made millions every year with their in-house app along side with Maya. Do you have any job? Count games, films and more that utilize Softimage and Maya, and you will know why Maya lead? There is nothing wrong with Maya and Softimage or 3D Max. I am animator and I can animate in 3 of them equally for game and films. Software choice may depend on clients, but mostly Maya. Find a real job, dude. Do not mention something beyond your knowledge. Autodesk decided dissolve Max and Softimage because they are going to die soon as companies and studios around the globe start using Maya.

    • OK, I retract what I said above. You’re not partially right, you’re an idiot for assuming stuff (Autodesk killing X software) without evidence.

      • And if you’re saying that one can animate just as easily in 3ds Max as he could in Maya or Softimage, I have very strong reasons that you don’t know what 3d animation is. Softwares are not the same. Assuming that they are is plain stupid as is the spreading of such a moronic idea.

    • Further more, why come here to tell me/us that Maya is the most used when I and everyone else knows this?
      The argument was that even though Maya’s the most used, it’s definitely not the best, easiness of use and feature wise. And I argued that popularity often times has nothing to do with quality, but with accessibility and preference, otherwise everyone would have a Ferrari (if it were accessible) or an old VW ’80s Beatle (if it were preferable).
      Apparently you’re either the same Chandon guy or just as stupid, ignorant and overall unpleasant.

  21. what are u talking about? major studios around the world are starting to switch over to BLENDER because it simply rocks.
    Autodesk will kill off 3ds Max, Softimage and Maya and they will buy off Blender and it will become their main tool. Switch to Blender before it’s too late!!!
    Blender is still free by the way and it’s super awesome. I love it

  22. Not always the best product is the most used or sucessful. History is full of examples.

    Betamax was better than VHS. Mac and Linux are better than Windows. etc.

    Softimage is, indeed, overall, better than Maya. This does not mean that Softimage is better in every aspect. And it is a shame if Autodesk wants to dissolve Max and Softimage. They all have unique strong points and, unless they do a “super software” joining all them, it will be very stupid.

    • Exactly.
      From an economics stand point, Autodesk has an uber software: the suits. Not everyone likes it (me included) but for the moment that’s the “super software”.

  23. Man, y’all are a bunch of dopes. They’re all just tools, and if you think otherwise, you’re a tool. For as much as that crackhead rants about dogmatic maya users, he seems to be wearing his blinders just the same. I freelance at a lot of commercial studios in LA and find myself in Maya and C4D most of the time. I know there are some big fans of XSI out there like Blur and Psyop, but mostly for the auto rigging and ICE. I actually started in MAX and had a good 8 years on that platform. Better learn to adapt or you’ll get left in the dust.

    • You’re rambling mate. I’m not a “fan” of Softimage just because it’s Softimage contrary to what other people do when it comes to Maya for example and this was the hole point of my “rant”: I choose the tools based on their capabilities, I tried a lot of them before settling on Softimage and I tried them as everyone should not fiddling with interface a little. So many Maya users obviously have not tried anything else and here comes the dogmatism when they defend the software without having any idea or considering the idea that it might exist other software better than what they use.
      The argument of “tools are just tools” is so old and stupid that should be outlawed. Of course they’re just software. Just like cars are just cars and we’re talking which is better. Can’t wrap your mind around that?

  24. Modo. If you can take the slow deformation redraw that is. Hope they improve that eventually, but for game animations it’s great. In terms of interface “fluidness”, Modo is superior to both Maya and Softimage. Softimage GUI seriously gets me sleepy just by looking at it. Oh yeah, and before I forget, non-destructive operation is a ridiculously over-rated feature. Being able to edit you mesh after a bind is one thing, but recording every single operation you carry out on an object and manually “freezing” it somewhere down the road is tremendously stupid, since editing one of those lower levels creates unpredictable results 99% of the times. Just my $0.02, peace out.

    • You’re obviously not a “power user” in Softimage otherwise you’d know when and how to use the operator stack. Maya does the same if you leave history activated and if Modo is a software that doesn’t have an “over-rated non-destructive operation” workflow will remain what it is today forever: a small player. I hope they smart up and make it node based like all software should be, for the sake of having a strong competition.

  25. You’re correct that I’m not a SI power user, in your turn you’re obviously not very knowledgeable about what a node-based workflow means, since it has nothing to do with non-destructive history stack. Modo has a complete node-based workflow similar to (and inspired by) Softimage’s.

  26. and i hate how i keep putting down the notebox insides maya’s attribute manager.. its an headache why wont they remove it?.because they really not developing maya anymore. they more like adding and adding indemand features.thats why for every release its more and more getting an organized.autodesk show reconfigure it from root to top.

    for xsi 1 weakness is ICONS
    peace! and stop about the god thing.

    • here is some reviews (http://3d-animation-software-review.toptenreviews.com/)

      all that hate for 13pts difference..

      • Haha! What a joke of review. They think about what does Maya have and then align the other applications and see which has what Maya has.
        Where’s ICE in that list of features? Oh wait, Maya doesn’t have it so it must not be in there.
        And Softimage doesn’t have Fur? You can make fur with the hair module just as well. What an abomination of so called “review”.

  27. Basically if it’s not Maya it’s not worth it. Is it not what everyone is typing in here?

  28. That looked like a review by Autodesk. The review says “The user interface of Softimage can be confusing”. Face it reviewers you have never touched Softimage before and suddenly you had to do a review on the software, so you were confused by the interface. I was confused too when I opened Softimage for the first time 4 years ago. Infact I was confused with the Maya interface as well. Softimage is a huge software just like Maya is. They are like a studio with all the cameras, lights, rigging materials, etc. So it is obvious that you found it confusing because either you have never touched Softimage before or any 3d package at all for that matter.

  29. That looked like a review by Autodesk. The review says “The user interface of Softimage can be confusing”. Face it reviewers you have never touched Softimage before and suddenly you had to do a review on the software, so you were confused by the interface. I was confused too when I opened Softimage for the first time 4 years ago. Infact I was confused with the Maya interface as well. Softimage is a huge software just like Maya is. They are like a studio with all the cameras, lights, rigging materials, etc. So it is obvious that you found it confusing because either you have never touched Softimage before or any 3d package at all for that matter.

    I had to change my name, because I was getting internal error.

  30. Please this is the second time i have come across a post by crackhead that i have found to just be full of in a word $H!T!… You come off as a rather intellagent person but your method is completely flawed. You are a Softimage Fan so you are not Bias. Anyone that will sit here and tell the masses here that they are wrong and you are right has got to be a fool. So Softimage is a cool program and has some cool features associate with it. No one argues that. But any feature in Softimage can be written into Maya and for that part most apps if the user so choose. Which of these programs doesn’t allow you to write your own tools for them…. wait they all do. Let me ask you since we have all been brained washed into assuming Maya is the best program which I do not recall anyone here saying. Why waist your time trying to convert the lesser minded. Why not just keep on using the program that you use and let us delude ourselves. Is my using Maya, Blender, or even 3DS Max really getting to you that much. (If so thats more the reason to use it). Furthermore, Autodesk is a company. Companies are in the business to make money. If you have a product that makes money then you sell it. If you have a product that is causing you to loss that money you cut it loose. Yeah you may piss people off but truth of the matter is you stay in business. Now you say they are taking Softimages Staff and moved them to Maya. Well sounds to me like they have weight their options and to keep those individuals gainfully employeed they move them to a place where they can afford to. Now a true artist and a none bias person wouldn’t give a damn what happened as long as the features I know and love were implemnted in a software package in one form or another. To anyone who says Autodesk is the devil and sucks for buying up plugins and programs is not someone I would want to go into business with. You blame them for Softimage’s demise. I say it’s because of them it is still around. It’s been dying for a long time now (and that’s the Facts). If it were strong enough to continue on on its own, they would not have sold out. You say they stop developing it, Yeah right some of the features its had come out with in the time it’s been with them have been some of the best in the industry in yrs. If you ask me Autodesk has made the best decision they could have possibly made. THE SUITE. Use the software you are comfortable with and the features you like out of the others. But hey you can’t make all the people happy all of the time.

  31. I love XSI, I still use XSI 7.5,like many other users felt pissed off when we found out the Darkside had taken over. We all know Softimage would still be around without the sell off, maybe stronger for it\will never know\ but to say Softimage would be dead without Autodesk is wrong. Softimage must regret selling out at a time when they were most innovative, XSI would of been in 1st place if they had the people on board who cared more for Art and less for the Dollar.
    Blender may seem bleak to some but it’s the future—I’m on board with

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