9 comments on “video2brain – Neu in CINEMA 4D 14 (German)

  1. no c4d 14 yet but they already got a German tutorial. no English…damn

  2. @Leo Taxil: Besides your comment is just stupid you can’t even spell “Deutschland” correctly. You are a freakin’ shame for our country…

  3. Oh please stop this kind of shitstorming here. I´m happy about this tutorial, even because its in german. But if it were in english, russian, svensk wtf else, it would be great as well, because my brain has enough room for three or more languages.

    And Cinema was alway so easy to handle that you never needed any word while giving attation to the workshop movie…

    But anyway, would be great if anyone could make a torrent for it.

  4. I made a torrent: http://cgpeers.com/torrents.php?id=18414
    Halo I am new tried to load the folder it don’t work.
    Wood be nice if you can repair it thanks

  5. Now i got it ´, its only possible ones a month.
    I have to wait 10 days ok thinks.

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