12 comments on “cmiFVX – Blender Advanced Fluids

  1. The files are corrupted. Will not unpack even after trying to repair them. I do not know about the rapidgator files but the byte box files will not work.

    • I’ve just downloaded and tested these files from the bytesbox – no errors were found.
      Part 1 – 418 381 824 bytes, MD5: 7F986E6452A75C907F019D2966714644
      Part 2 – 247 862 615 bytes, MD5: 53AB7C14BA506E28DF16F3F4A5886AC8

      • So did I and they are indeed corrupted and will not open. Now I downloaded the free site from byte box not the pay site or premium so maybe there is a difference but the ones I downloaded are corrupted.

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