10 comments on “cmiVFX – Blender to VRay – Settings Part 2

  1. Vray for Blender?! You can better use Mspaint then this crappy shit
    It?s so useless. Wake up people, serisously.

  2. What’s the utility to use vray blender when you have Cycles included and ready to use ?

  3. Blender?
    Who takes that crap seriously? It’s so terrible and far from production standards, AND you want to link Vray with it? Wake up…

  4. Max Atoms and Hankerchief: If you don’t know about blender, don’t assume it’s bad, do some research. Blender is an extremely powerful application, being currently used in many studios around the world for many different tasks. Blender is the only unified application in which you can do everything, from modeling to final compositing and editing, has an amazing smoke/fire simulation, fluid simulation, incredible animation tools (bone system is probably the best around), it’s extremely fast and reliable, great modeling and uv tools, and I could go on forever. Besides, production standards are not only achieved by software alone, let me see your productions, and let me judge if they’re up to standards… I don’t think so, cause everyone who knows a little about this industry, already knows how cool blender is.
    Oh no, I fed the throll.

  5. And it’s free. Go pay from: ?2,900.00 to get 3ds max.. blender it’s free.

  6. @Max Atom: I was taught 3Dsmax and Maya at school. Then I learnt on my own Blender, since then I can’t stop using it. It’s as others stated a really powerful application. Moreover if you want to work as a freelance, It’s free and Blender is often being enhanced by many people. So before telling stupidities, try it and you’ll change your mind. At least probably… Unless you work for Autodesk ?

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