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30 comments on “Peter Guthrie SKY HDRi Collection

  1. Amazing! Incredible release, I’ve been wanting these for ages! I was just checking out his site yesterday, actually, can’t wait for a torrent.

  2. excellent……i already have a couple, gonna try this….and probably buy the pack…..peter its an independent cg artist and this hdri packs are pro as hell…

  3. my morning shit is hungry for a torent ! give it here !

  4. c’mon guys…
    peter even teaches you how to do your own hdri maps if you can’t afford his.
    at least buy a few so he can keep doing this amazing work.

  5. there are things that should never be pirated. and this is one of them. you should be ashamed. now this great artist might never create such great things againn.

      • Im not fully agree with u bcs there r people who can’t buy this. If they had capabilities to buy good source like this, ofcrs they would buy it. nd this great artist also know about those kind of people.

  6. hi there ! someone could invite me on cgpeers ? my email is

    • i am an architect and i need this set! invite me to cgpeers please ;)

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