5 comments on “PI-VR VRED v6.01 x86/x64 – XFORCE

  1. Awesome? Did you try it?
    Well, it doesnt work. When u run it after install, as step 2 in crack says, u get a massive software error.

    procedure entry point could not be located in the Qtcore4.dll

    Hope you fix this. Thank you.

  2. how about you use your brain instead of whining ? and search for the dll ? maybe contribute with a solution?

    But since you asked :

    dl , place in folder = working. dll-files.com has almost every dll :D

  3. well, it does not work for me too.
    after install it and do the keygen crack which patches the file
    succesfully, I click on the shortcut.
    but it gives me a fata error with the message “Something is wrong”
    very strange.
    I tried to install it too many times but still the same error.
    any suggestions someone?
    I have windows7 and 64bit system.


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