6 comments on “Sidefx Houdini FX V12.1.125 Win/Macosx

  1. thank very much.
    some info about how to install the crack will be much obliged thank you

    • Hey hara, could you manage to install the crack?? a little help please??

  2. SIR… i’m struggling to install the crack of this, is there any way you could help us?

  3. doesn’t work for me, i do all steps, stop license server, replace sesinetd (with chmod 755), start it again, but license administrator says that license server is not running (sesinetd is exist in processes) mac os 10.8.2

  4. I had that problem too. What you have to do is keep running the kegen on windows until you get the license. I had to do it 5 times before one worked. BUT it does work.

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