15 comments on “Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Painting a Fantasy Environment in Photoshop

  1. Seems to be down… I’ve been having issues with it for a couple of weeks at this stage.

  2. haven’t been able to get on peers or forum for about a day now :(

  3. god wish people stop usignthsoe crappy hosts. whynotmedifire? putlocker? gamefront? ther are better faster hosts around..sheesh

    • You can feel free to use those wonderful, amazing, and sometimes brilliantly shining hosts!
      All you need to get started – you have to buy some useful stuff for upload.

  4. This seems awesome! Thank you! Specially for the bytesbox link!

  5. Hello my friends!!
    I can not unpack some projects this tutorial. The winrar of my computer says “unexpected end of file” or “this project is corrupted” get it on “Part 2” … 5 detailing basic file . What can I do to get these missing files?


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